Little white lies

This is a story about One Directions new song 'Little white lies'.
It is a fan fiction for the competition 'Story of my life' and goes through, how One direction came up with (well my version) some of the songs on their newest album; 'Midnight memories'.

When Niall finally thinks he finds the girl of his dreams; all she becomes is trouble.


6. ♫-Does he know-♫

A week later......

"Kaitlyn, the guys and I are going out to a party tonight; that unfortunately you can't go to. In fact, Liam isn't even invited, so you two can stay here," Niall announced.

"Alright," Kaitlyn replied, "When are you guys leaving?"

"In a few hours."


A few hours later......

"It's boring here, how about we go out?" Kaitlyn asked.


"Anywhere that is nice, you'll know more than me around here," she stated. 

"Alright then, c'mon," he said as he grasped her hand and lead her out of the house and down the street, until they arrived at some small sports club rooms.

"Now you could go to the fanciest restaurants and pay hundreds, or come here and get an amazing meal and pay only five," Liam explained.

"Alright, that sounds perfectly reasonable," she responded.

After having the 'amazing meal' and a few drinks Liam and Kaitlyn began to walk home, but when they arrived there, they didn't realize Zayn's car was parked in the drive way.

They walked up to the front door, "That was amazing," Kaitlyn commented.

"You know what is more amazing?" Liam added in a flirtatious voice.

"What?" she whispered.

"You;"he whispered back as he leaned in to kiss her, but just before their lips met.

The door flew open.


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