I used to yearn for a fairytale world where everything was perfect. I used to dream of being a princess and running away with my perfect prince. I used to think that everything was okay, that I had what it takes to take on the world. Now I yearn for a way to end everything. Now I dream of razors and lighters that help all the pain drift away. Now I know that I will never have a prince, I will never be a princess, and nothing will ever be okay for me. I will never have the Fairytale world I so honestly believed in, because that belief is gone and has long since been replaced with all the hate and bullying. I will never have the Fairytale world because in a few words, life sucks.


4. Poems *NOT A CHAPTER*

If anyone is ever in a rough spot, or you just need someone to talk to I will be here. I have a kik, twitter, instagram, and if there is anywhere else you need to talk, we can work it out. You couldn't imagine how well things work out when you talk about it. 

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