I used to yearn for a fairytale world where everything was perfect. I used to dream of being a princess and running away with my perfect prince. I used to think that everything was okay, that I had what it takes to take on the world. Now I yearn for a way to end everything. Now I dream of razors and lighters that help all the pain drift away. Now I know that I will never have a prince, I will never be a princess, and nothing will ever be okay for me. I will never have the Fairytale world I so honestly believed in, because that belief is gone and has long since been replaced with all the hate and bullying. I will never have the Fairytale world because in a few words, life sucks.


2. A Lovely Moment... In A Closet?

Chapter 2
                    “A few of my friends from my old school are meeting up after school today. I would like for you to come with me and get to know them.” Harry said. I debated the pros and cons of meeting Harry’s friends. One con that immediately came to mind; what if Harry was one of those guys who were really rude and obnoxious in front of his friends? A pro that stuck out was that I would get a chance to hang out with people, instead of my music and razors. I blew a strand of dark hair out of my eye, which had shifted into a bird’s nest due to Harry’s sudden proximity. I froze when I felt his extremely large hands brush all the hair to one side of my shoulder. “I-I guess I c-c-can go,” I stuttered like an idiot. I couldn’t believe that out of the whole school, this beautiful boy wanted to hang out with me. “Cool. I’ll text you where after school.” He said coolly. “You’re forgetting something Mr. Styles. In order to do that, you would need my phone number.” I joked, poking Harry in the ribs, or as I found out after the poking, abs. “Darn, I thought that came with the package,” He joked back. “Here, let me see your phone. Do you have it with you?” I reached my hand out, palm up, making a huge mistake.

                 With that simple movement, my sleeve shifted and revealed the fresh scars. I saw Harry’s eyes immediately drawn to that spot. “Mari, what were you doing in here?” Harry asked, pleasure nowhere to be found. “Nothing,” I mumbled as I yanked my sleeve down. The look on my face was that of a scolded puppy. “What do you mean nothing?” Harry asked heatedly. Suddenly, I just didn't give a crap anymore. I broke down into tears, not worrying what Harry thought of me because, honestly, I only knew him for a day. “I don’t have to explain myself to you” I said through sobs, suddenly as angry as he was. “You say it like I’m prying,” Harry spat. “I want to know because, well…” His voice dropped,” I care about you.”  Please, I thought. “You've only known me for one day, and on top of that, you have the hottest girl in school after you. Why do you want me so bad,” I demanded. “You’re special,” Harry simply stated, as if it were a fact. Through the argument, our  proximity had increased, but Harry drifted closer once again. Despite my suspicions, Harry’s words warmed my heart. Honestly, nobody had ever cared for me before, but Harry’s words seemed truthful and trustworthy. Suddenly, I forgot to care about the possible rejection and hurt that could come from what I was about to do. I threw myself into Harry’s arms. Our lips met, and it was as if someone had lit up fireworks in the tiny closet. His kiss was sweet, passionate while his hands were demanding a little below the back. I didn't mind his wandering though, because all I was worried about at the moments was the right here and right now, the live for the moment. I was letting loose, not caring what others thought, and I had to admit, I was loving it.


Sorry for all the weird alignment. My computer is going a little whack. Also sorry for the short chapter, but my family is over for the holidays. More updates after Christmas. By the way, I update much faster with a little motivation, so like favorite comment and follow me please!

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