Half a Heart Without You

When The boys get called in for a business trip in Hollywood before Christmas, Harry realizes that there is more than just fame in glory. Italia, strong-headed shows no mercy for the boy and his little boy band. However, will Harry show the poverty stricken mercy?


1. The beginning

Harry's POV

I watch the intricate pattern of raindrops on my car window, racing to the bottom, mentally betting on what one will finish to the bottom first. It's been raining in Holmes Chapel for days, mum isn't talking next to me. She's furious at me.

"Mum how many times am I going to have to say this. It is my life now, sometimes I have to get up and go. You can't be mad at me because of this." I sigh to my mother.

"Harold, I'm not mad at you, but it's just, we want you home in time for Christmas. You have missed 3 Christmas's. And with all the bad weather from America to here, it'll be hard to come back home in time. It is only a month away." I look over at mum as she twiddles her thumbs.

I lean across the seat and hug her. I whisper in her ear. "Don't worry mum. I promise, this year i will come home. We just have a few business trips to take care of in America and then the boys and I will be home."

I kiss her goodbye and board my plane. The ground slowly disappears from my view and I soon drift of into sleep.

Italia's POV

"ITALIA MARIA-ROSE CRENZAIO!!!! YOU'RE WASTING AWAY YOUR LIFE!!!!" Julia shouts at me. I roll my eyes as I eat my pomegranate.

"Julia, I am 18. And how am I wasting my life away?" I snort as I make a lip smacking sound knowing it would bug Julia.

"Tali, all you do is go around and help people. You drop out of college and walk around on the streets?! I've been friends with you since day one and put up with all your shit, but I can't take it anymore!!! You're so weird! I can't do It. I can't!" I laugh at Julia having a mental breakdown. None of this phases me. Everyone leaves at some point.

"Look." I say to Julia as I hop off her kitchen counter and go into her bathroom to change into my ripped skinny jeans and red plaid flannel. I peep my head out of the bathroom. "You need to chill the fuck out. I'm weird? Sorry I like to help the needy instead of wasting my money on a huge house for just myself?" I state to Julia as I throw on my scarf and throw up my matted down black hair.

I look at my youthful face full of life in the mirror as Julia rambles on to me about how all my habits are unhealthy and that one of these days I'm gonna get myself into trouble.

I roll my eyes as I throw on my worn down black combat boots. "Julia I get it. I waste my money on homeless people and a few things for myself. Sorry if you don't like you know where to find me for your next lecture." I say with a smirk.

"Tali this isn't funny! I don't know where to find you because you sleep with the homeless!!!!! A-" before she could finish her sentence I walked out of her house slamming the door behind me, with a blunt in between my lips.

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