Alex was a girl she had her life ready set. She knew where she wanted to live, hiwmany kids, dream job but the one thing she needed was a boy that would treat her right.Zayn was really drunk one night. He didn't know what came over him but he started then to rape a girl. He then walked away. The girls face stuck in his memory. After a while, he and Alex went on dates. Alex was the girl who was raped by Zayn, but she didn't know that is was Zayn. What happens next? Find out in Broken


2. Chapter 2


"Hey, Alex. Alex wake up." I hear Tyler whisper in my ear but roughly shaking me. I groan and cover my face with my covers. "Ales, hey get up, you have school today remember!?" I hear Andrew scream from downstairs. I sit up and come face to face with my brother in my closet. He pulls out my Manhattan Beach Cami, my new low rise shorts and a brand new pair of Hollister flip flops. He turns around and sets the clothing on my bed and sets my choose on the floor. I stand and walk over to my dresser. He comes around to my side and kisses me on the forehead. I attempt to hug him but he grabs my pillow and slaps me on my bum with it saying, "Go take a shower Alex." I slowly grab me a bra and some panties. But once again Andrew screams, "Alexandra, get your lazy bum up." "Shut up, Drew I'm up and don't call me again." I walked to the bathroom with my bra, panties and clothes. I undress then run the water. I'm so nervous. Will I have a nice room? Nice Roommate? Will she be nice? Will I have fun? Will I meet someone finally? Or will this all just be a big mess? So many thoughts are running through my head. I realize I have been in the shower for a while. I wash my hair and body. Shave my slight stumble. Then I get out. I wrap my towel around me. Tyler calls my name, I love Drew and Ty but they are really getting on my nerves so i choose to act as if I didn't hear them. My brothers are both 3 years older than me. I'm a sophomore in college and Tyler and Andrew are Seniors. They have a late birthday which set them back a bit. But hey, they are living life they both have two beautiful girlfriends who are twins. I have never actually met them but I do know they have blonde hair, one has green highlights the other has purple. I think of all this as I put on my shirts, shorts and flip flops. I straightened my long brown hair and apply some mascara, eye shadow, blush and eye liner. I slide on my sunglasses, grab my purse and suitcase and go downstairs. I see that our chef, Marisa had prepared us our own personal breakfast. "Good Morning, Alex." Andrew says kissing my hair then shaking my shoulders. He leans down and whispers in my ear, "Ales, I really need you to eat, please, okay?" "Okay," I whisper back, slightly annoyed. "Good Morning, Marisa." I say giving her a hug before she hands me my plate and juice. My plate is a small bowl of oatmeal, mangoes, blueberries and pineapples and a small pill that I have to take. I eat my blueberries with my oatmeal then finish up my fruit before taking the pill. I wash it down with my freshly squeezed orange juice. After I finish, I go back upstairs and get my other suitcases and my phone. I walk downstairs and decide against Marisa calling the butler. I think we should take Andrew's car. Tyler and Andrew come back into the house and hug Marisa bye and tell her to tell Monty and his nephew Luke we said bye. Sadly pets are not allowed at college. I have a dog name Oreo she's only a puppy more the reason I cannot take her. We walk out to the car. Andrew sits in the drivers seat and Tyler sits in the back with me and we talk about college. None of know what to expect. We are all going to Columbia University. New year, new school, new people, new environment. This could be the start of something new.

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