Alex was a girl she had her life ready set. She knew where she wanted to live, hiwmany kids, dream job but the one thing she needed was a boy that would treat her right.Zayn was really drunk one night. He didn't know what came over him but he started then to rape a girl. He then walked away. The girls face stuck in his memory. After a while, he and Alex went on dates. Alex was the girl who was raped by Zayn, but she didn't know that is was Zayn. What happens next? Find out in Broken


1. Alex Bonvai

Alex Bonvai. She came from a family of a drug attic father and never really knew her mother. She has two older brothers. Twin brothers. Tyler and Andrew. She lived in Alabama. She doesnt know where her father is. He left when she was only 3. Her brother were 6. They have been taking care of her since then along with their grandmother. Her mother died when she was stabbed and shot to death. They assume she was raped recently before because her brother told her she was pregnant with another girl and it wasn't her father's. Since all this happened Tyler and Andrew have always treated her right, fed her and took her shopping. Their Grandma was filthy rich and moved them to New York to a mansion. Later their grandmother was diagnosed with Stage 4 thyroid cancer with metastasis in her lungs. She wrote her will and basically left them everything. She died 2 weeks later after being in the hospital. A few months after their grandmother's death, Alex stopped eating. Tyler and Andrew couldn't get her to eat or even talk. She spent the entire summer in the house. She was about to start her Sophmore year in college. 

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