13 Again

"What hotel are you in?" I ask
"Best Western I think." Were in the same hotel.
"What room?"
"213" she say looking disappointed.
"How about you?"
"Best Western room 214"


3. Taylor

Hadley's POV:

Louis. That's a beautiful name. No I can't like louis no not going to happen. But he's so cute. I can't believe I'm falling in love with a boy I just met and I just got dumped not happening. When the plane arrived I got into my seat and whatdya know? Louis's plane ticket just so happened to be the seat next to mine. This is going to be a long flight.

"Hey fancy seeing you here" he said. I noticed he wrinkled his nose when he laughed- which was adorable.

"hey Lou" I say calling him by his nickname.

"Lou?" He says

"Um yeah I just thought since the boys call you Lou that I could um..." I say feeling uncomfortable

"I'm just joking with you Lou is fine" he says cracking up. His nose wrinkles again.

"What are you listening to?" He asks pointing to my headphones around my neck. Shoot I'm listening to his album. I was trying not to show that I really like one direction so that he would like me.

"Um... Taylor Swift" I say. I'm so dumb she's the first person I could think of?

"Really," he say laughing.

"What song" he asks

"We are never getting back together" idiot idiot I'm such an idiot

"That's great" he says between laughter. I turn to look out the window as he continues laughing. I put my headphones over my ears. The song that's playing is don't forget where you belong. He's such a softie.

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