13 Again

"What hotel are you in?" I ask
"Best Western I think." Were in the same hotel.
"What room?"
"213" she say looking disappointed.
"How about you?"
"Best Western room 214"


2. Meeting for the first time

Louis's POV:

I'm sitting at the airport gate 13, waiting for my flight to New York, when I hear crying. I look over and see a teenage girl crying with her face in her palms. I walk over to her and ask what's wrong. She looks up at me and she has the most beautiful eyes on the entire world they are as blue as the ocean. She is gorgeous so beautiful I can't stand it.

"What's wrong?" I ask her

"Nothing I'm fine" she says wiping her tears away. I hand her my handkerchief. She takes it and smiles at me gratefully. She has a beautiful smile.

"What's your name darling?" I ask curious

"Hadley" she replies.

" Nice to meet you, Hadley, my name's Louis" I tell her and we sit talking until our plane comes.

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