13 Again

"What hotel are you in?" I ask
"Best Western I think." Were in the same hotel.
"What room?"
"213" she say looking disappointed.
"How about you?"
"Best Western room 214"


4. Best Western

Louis's POV:

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to Hadley nudging me awake. The plane has touched down and it look like it's around 9:00 pm.

"Hey were here" she says with a look of excitement in her eyes.

"Mhmm" I say rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. We wait for the people in front of us to get off the plane and then we follow them. We getting to the gate exit when I turn to Hadley.

"What hotel are you going to?" I ask her.

"Best Western I think." She says. Were staying at the same hotel.

"What room number?" I ask

"Umm 313" she says looking disappointed. I remembered that our gate was 13 and she got dumped there.

"Where are you staying?" She asks

"Best Western" I say.

"What room" she asks smirking

"314" I say

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