The Singing Games

What you may have called North America back then, is what we call Nandos now. It has a cruel Capital that owns 12 districts. The Capital forces upon brutal rules against the districts by; Picking 1 girl & 1 boy from each district and sending them to the Capital. Once they are there, they play in games where they sing for their lives.
5 boys from different districts just happened to be extremely talented, but put up against some other hard competitors as well. Niall Horan, district 9. Harry Styles, district 12. Liam Payne, district 4. Zayn Malik, district 7. Louis Tomlinson, district 2. 5 brave boys, 19 other tributes, the most intense games so far, here comes the 74th Annual Singing Games.


1. Chapter One

I rolled over in my bed, obviously not realizing that it wasn't wide enough for me to do that. I fell onto the hard wooden floor, hitting my head on the ground. I groaned as I sat up, only to hit my head on something once again. I fell back to the floor. I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see my brother Greg above me. He held out a hand, and I grabbed it as he helped me up. "Morning sleeping beauty." He laughed, I punched him in the arm.

"That's not the way to wake somebody up on the day of the reaping." I rubbed my head clearly in pain. "Niall can you please just get ready?" My Ma stubbornly yelled at me. "You know what will happen if your late." I looked at the old wooden clock on the wall, realizing that the reaping started in 50 minutes.

"Greg, why didn't you wake me up earlier?" He smiled and went to go get ready. I groaned as I searched for my button up t-shirt. Once I found it, I quickly put it on along with my nicest pair of pants. "We gotta go." Greg grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door. We ran out towards the barbed wire fence of District 9.

The fence that was suppose to keep all of us from going out to the forest, but it never worked. We stopped by the part of the fence that had a tree branch over the top of the fence. Greg folded his hands, and I put my foot on his hands. I reached up to the branch and pulled myself up. I then held out a hand, and pulled Greg up to the branch.

We walked to the other side of the fence then, and hopped down from the tree. "You boys are late!" I heard Demi call from out in the forest. Greg and I started running then, eventually catching up with them.

Greg quickly pulled Denise into a hug, then kissed her, while Demi and I watched and laughed. After they pulled away from each other, Demi and I both clapped. Denise blushed, but Greg bowed like he was in some show. "Welcome Welcome, to the 74th annual Hunger Games." He mocked Ryan Seacrest, the announcer for the reaping. He was upbeat, sometimes annoying, but kept our spirits up even though it was the reaping.

"Screw them, maybe somebody we'll have 1 boy and 1 girl from the Capital too. Or something. They all deserve to just die." Demi growled harshly as she threw a berry on the ground and squished it. Suddenly we heard a loud booming noise above us. I looked up to see a spacecraft from the capital. I quickly grabbed Demi's arm, while Greg grabbed Denise. We ran towards a giant bush, and dove into it. I peaked out from the bushes, as the spacecraft landed close to the gates of District 9. Smashing trees as it landed, people began to board off.

"We better get out of here." Greg said, his voice sounded frightened. If somebody were caught outside of the fences they were to be killed on the spot. We only came out here to hang out. While we were waiting for the people from the Capital to get off of the spacecraft, we began talking about how many times we got put in the reaping.

"I'm in there 17 times, but I took the tokens so Niall wouldn't have to." I rubbed the back of my head.

"I'm only in there once." I looked over at Demi and grabbed her hand to comfort her.

"25." She chokes slightly on the number that came from her mouth. Here's how this thing works. In the 12 districts that ,Nandos (Use to be North America) has, we're all poor. We have to somehow get food without going hunting. My dad works in the fields, but he doesn't get much money from that. So each time we're in need for food, your name is put in the reaping and you get free food.

"Denise?" Greg asked sounding kind of worried.

"Only 8 times." She slightly smiled, then grabbed onto Demi's other hand. "Demi even if you do get called, we all know you have a beautiful voice." Denise smiled slightly and Demi nodded. I looked over towards the Spacecraft then, but it was gone.

"Looks like we better get going guys." We all stood up from the bushes and walked back towards the fence. We climbed back up the tree and jumped back off at the other side. Then we started walking towards the middle of town. Once we got to the entrance of the Reaping area, they had to stamp my finger in inc, and place my print on a piece of paper. Boys were on the left side of the stadium, and girls on the right.

"I'll cya soon hopefully, good luck." Greg said as he kissed Denise on the cheek. Denise smiled weekly, worried for Greg. I hugged Demi then, but after we broke away she quickly turned, but didn't walk away.

"Don't say anything Niall, I know if I walk away now I won't cry on stage when I think of you." She quickly walked away then, and I was kind of confused. Greg pulled on my arm then, and we went and lined up. Ryan Seacrest came on stage not to much longer after we got lined up. He instantly began reading off the rules.

"Each year we gather here for the reaping of the Singing Games." He smiled like he was happy to be here, but we all know he wasn't. He was forced to do this by the Capital each year, and I felt bad for him, sort of. "1 Girl and 1 Boy from each District will come together and sing for their lives. Each individual performs a song in many rounds, 1 person is removed in each round." By 'Removed' he meant killed. "When there is only 1 person left, they are claimed as the Victor." Ryan smiled then, and held his arms out. To his left and right were large glass balls filled with slips of paper with names written on them.

"Now let's get started." He walked over to the right side of the stage. "Laides first." He smiled then. He reached down into the bowl then, picking one form the middle of the pile. He walked back of the his microphone then, and unfolded the slip of paper. "Denise Kelly." Everybody froze and Ryan looked around for somebody to move. I looked over to Denise and she was frozen in place. I looked at her confused, but when I looked back up to the stage I saw Demi standing there. "Looks like we have a volunteer!" Ryan said.

I went to turn to scream, but Greg grabbed my arm and looked seriously concerned. "It's for the best Niall." I looked at him annoyed.

"If she goes, I'm going too." Greg looked angry at me but turned away disappointed. He knew he couldn't change my mind.

"And now for the boys." Ryan walked over to the left side of the stage this time, and dug his hand into the bottom of the bowl pulling out a slip. "Jim Parsons." (For those who don't know Jim, he plays Shelton Cooper on The Big Bang Theory)

"I volunteer!" At first I thought those words came from my mouth, but I looked over at Greg and saw him with his hand in the air. I quickly raised my hand then. "I volunteer!"

Everybody suddenly gasped. There had never been 2 volunteers for 1 gender at a reaping before. "One minute please." Ryan said, walking over to the Mayor of the town. I looked over to Greg and punched him in the chest. "Let it go Greg!"

"I'm not going to let my little brother die!" I froze not knowing what to say.

"Mom and Dad need you more than me! Just let it go Greg! Please!" He shook his head being stubborn. I ran my hands through my hair and looked back up on stage.

"The President has spoken to me in a brief conversation just now, and he informed me that the last person to volunteer is the person who will compete in the Singing Games." I turned then beginning to walk towards the stage. I felt a rough grip on my arm then.

"NO!" Greg yelled, suddenly 3 guys ran towards Greg and I. They grabbed Greg by the arms and pulled him back. 2 other guys came towards me and pulled me towards the stage. Once I was on stage, I looked over at Demi, but she refused to look at me.

"Well that's never happened before." Ryan said clapping his hands excited with the drama going on. "Anyways." Ryan said dramatically. "Here are your 74th Annual Singing Game Tributes!" Ryan grabbed my hand, and Demi's hand and threw them up in the air. Everybody just looked at us in shock. Nobody said anything, because it was nothing to be excited about. I was just doing the thing that I trusted in.

The stadium stayed silent till we finally exited the stage. We went back behind the stage where a large building was placed. Behind it was a train station, the one that would take us to the Capital. We followed Ryan to the train and quickly boarded on. As soon as the doors closed behind us, the train started moving immediately. "Traveling at 250 miles per hour, we'll be there in about 2 days." Ryan smiled then and began walking towards a different room. "Follow me please."

Demi and I followed Ryan to a room filled with lots of food. I looked at it amazed, Greg would have killed for this. But it wasn't worth it if you were going to the singing games. I heard a loud crashing noise and I looked over to see somebody kind of familiar. "There you are Simon!" Ryan said walking towards the man.

"I hate the stupid jerking on this train." He growled angrily. He walked towards us then, and I immediately recognized who this was. Simon Cowell. He wasn't a singer, but a coach. "These are your tributes this year." Ryan said. "I'll leave you 3 to talk."

"Names?" He stubbornly said.

"Niall." I said quickly.

"Demi." Her voice cracked.

"Niall, follow." Simon said and began walking to a different room. It made me how many rooms were on this train. Simon sat down on a chair, and held out a hand telling me to sit down as well. "Can you even sing?" I shrugged, I had never really ever 'sang'. There was no music back at home. "How do you not know?"

"We're poor people genius." I said kind of annoyed by him.

"Right." He rolled his eyes and grabbed a radio. "Do you know the song Let Her Go By Passenger?" I nodded, my father had always been a fan of Passenger. He had won the Singing Games a long time ago. The only cool thing about the Singing Games, I think, is that if you win you get to write your own songs and basically become famous. Not if you die though.

"Sing then." Simon pressed play on the CD and the song began.

"Well you only need the light when it's burning low

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

Only know you love her when you let her go."

"Okay you can stop, now go get Demi." I looked at him shocked.

"Am I that bad?" He looked up at me from the sheet of paper in his hands.

"Next." He said, I frowned and stood up. I opened up the doors and told Demi to go in. She bumped shoulders as she passed me, and kept her head down. I didn't know what I had did wrong, but I only came here so I could be with Demi. But if I was a bad singer, I wasn't going to stop her from shining. Most of the time the girl and the boy from each district will sing together. Otherwise they go solo. I guess Demi and I would be going solo then.

I sighed sitting down on the couch. I knew that soon my day would come to die. I stood no chance against Demi anyways she was an amazing singer. Everybody in District 9 knew it. I looked up at the ceiling and closed my eyes.

I may have been stupid to come here, but I knew I wouldn't regret it.

A/N: Hey Guys! Thought I'd start writing again, and I came up with a really good idea for you Directioners/Hunger Game fans! I can't wait to really get into this book it's going to be great! Like, Favorite, Fan! Thanks!

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