Titan's Kitten

I don't own any of the original Teen Titan characters. None of this actually happened in the series. This is completely FICTION!

This is the story of Enya and her realizing of her love for Beast Boy (Beastie) and their fights for their rights to love.


2. Two days Later

           Cyborg had invited them to stay at his place, Beast Boy having had arrived at Jump City a few weeks before Robin had, but took to sleeping in trees as a bird. Cyborg refused to allow this to happen again.

           They all had been exploring, getting closer as friends, then everything was turned upside down by a dangerous purple-haired alien.

            She was first seen by Cyborg at the park. People running from her, screaming, freaked out by what was happening to her. Her eyes, all four of them, were flashing red, her hood flowing behind her and whipping back and forth as black hues wrapped themselves around her fingers.

           She screamed and her eyes dimmed to deep purple, and two disappeared, leaving her seemingly human.

           Robin an at her, calling out a battle yell, but was soon held back by a large green gorilla. He spun as soon as Beast Boy let him go to scream at him, to ask him why he had held him back, but shut up when he saw the boy running towards the screaming girl with his eyes filled with worry.

          Beast Boy's voice was soothing and calm as he spoke to her.

           "You don't want to hurt people, do you. You just want to stop hurting. How can I help you stop. How can I help you?" He held out his hand and Robin finally noticed the tears running down her face, and the pain clearly showing in her eyes and contorting her face.

           "You can't. No one can." Her voice was pained and straining.

          "I can try. Just let me try."

          The girl seemed to debate it, and cried out as whatever happened to her got worse. Her eyes doubled to four again, her hands went dark black, and darkness creaped from under her hooded cape.

          "PLEASE LET ME HELP!"

         Beast Boy ran forward to her and flew up as a hawk, turning to a human at the last moment to wrap his arms around her and they slammed down to the ground.

         He screamed in agony and fear as black surrounded him and the sound seemed to shock her out of whatever had happened. 

         "You IDIOT!" She jerked away from him and flew upwards, trying to get as far away from him as possible. 

          "What? I was just trying...to help you. And I did. A simple 'Thank you.' would have been nice." His voice shook as he stood and wiped off the burnt parts of his clothes, scowling at the girl.

           She grimaced and spoke, "Thank you. For helping me." As she spoke the feelings in her voice dissipated and it became a low monotone.

          His smile returned brightly and he bounced over to the shocked Robin.

         "This is Robin, and this is Cyborg. Oh and I'm Beast Boy." He smiled at her again, "What's your name?"

         "My name is Raven." The clashing of their voices, one so happy and excited and the other dull and refined made Robin want to laugh  and he actually did. The two looked at him like he was crazy, but Cyborg seemed to understand Robin's mirth.

         He heard the man's deep chuckle as it shook through his core.

         "If you guys are done laughing at me, I was wondering why Animal Boy here is green.", Raven's voice was dull but beautiful, and Robin was surprised to realize that he was checking her out.

         "I am a changeling." His smile faltered as he spoke his species, but returned full fledged as her eyes lit up. 

         "You are?! Oh my god. I haven't seen one since, well, ever." She flew closer to him and did circles around him, excitement faintly showing in her eyes.

        "Yeah. My planet exploded, no one knows why, and most of my people died that day. I was thrown of the planet. I don't know if anyone lived other than me. I have to assume I'm the last. I was three." Tears glinted in his eyes and she stopped to touch his shoulder softly.

         "It's alright, I understand." Her lips pulled up at the edges and she poked him.

         "What was that for?" He stuck his tongue out at her, the tears now completely gone from his eyes, and she returned the favor. 

         "Just makin' sure you're really you." Her eyes sparkled softly and then Robin walked over to the newly founded friends.

        "Now that we're all acquainted why don't you tell us where you're from?"

        "My home planet is called Azarath. I came here to explore, to ...see the worlds I've never seen."

         "Well it's nice to meet you, Raven." Cyborg reached out towards Raven and she put her small hand in his.

        We got acquainted with Raven, and Cyborg invited her to join us at his home on the island. As we walked into the house Raven gasped at the plethora of electronics and gizmos all around his large living room.

         "My creator built this house with his bare hands. He left it to me." A sad note entered his voice, but just as his face began to fall into a frown Beast Boy found his kitchen, and his exclamation was heard all through out the large home.

        "DUDE! Do you have ANYTHING but meat?!" He walked into the living room with a slight grimace on his face, holding what apparently used to be a piece of a cow.

        "Yeah. There is some cheese in there somewhere." Cyborg's eyebrow arched as Beast Boy groaned and threw himself face first onto the couch.

        "What's wrong with meat and cheese?" Robin questioned Beast Boy's dislike softly, doing his est to sate his curiosity while not offending the little green alien.

       "I've BEEN most animals on Earth, and other planets if we're being specific, and I REFUSE to eat something I've been. I'm strictly vegetarian."

        Raven floated toward him and landed softly on the couch, "So you've NEVER tasted bacon, or a steak, or any meat?" He shook his head and she half-smiled. "Way to stick to your guns."

        Her monotone made the complement a little flat, but his eyes shone all the same. Robin could tell that they would soon become close friends.








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