Titan's Kitten

I don't own any of the original Teen Titan characters. None of this actually happened in the series. This is completely FICTION!

This is the story of Enya and her realizing of her love for Beast Boy (Beastie) and their fights for their rights to love.


3. The First Meeting With The Woman

It was 4 a.m. and everyone was woken by a high pitched squeal.

       "Shit!" Cyborg's loud voice rang in Robin's ears as he darted from his room to see what was wrong.

       "What the hell is that?" Beast Boy was coming out of the room next to Robin's and they could hear Raven slamming her door shut down the hall.

      "That's the alarm. Something's going down in the city."

      "What do you mean?" Robin's voice was even and firm, taking charge without knowing it, and Cyborg decided to allow him.

      "Well before my creator...he taught me to fight for the good in this city and to get rid of the bad. There is a lot of bad. I set up that alarm so whenever someone needed me all they had to do was set it off and I'd go help them." Cyborg jogged into the living room with the other three following closely after.

      The large screen TV had a large red blip on it in the very center of a map of the city.

      "It looks like someone is trying to get into the bank. Again."

       "Then I guess we better stop them." Raven's voice startled Beast Boy as he realized she was right behind him. The two swapped smiles as she mused his green hair.

      "Let's go." Robin's statement was an order and the four jumped into action.

       Cyborg gave directions as Beast Boy carried him through the skies as a pterodactyl and Robin was held up by Raven's black magic.

      They arrived quickly and realized soon that they weren't necessary.

      A beautiful teen with emerald eyes and deep red hair was battling with a woman who seemed to be consumed in fire.

      The teen-girl screamed in rage, and she shot up into the sky, green hues that she then proceed to throw at the woman.

      The woman was thrown back, and in the dust that was brought up from the teen's attack, disappeared into the city.

      The teen lowered to the ground close to the four companions and they ran over to her.

      "That was AMAZING!" Beast Boy shouted at her excitedly and she looked at him in confusion.

       Glancing around the four people. she strutted toward Robin and kissed him on the lips.

      Shock coursed through him and as she pulled back he stumbled into Cyborg, who patted him on the shoulder and chuckled.

      "If you do not wish to be destroyed, I would advise you to refrain from...robbing...the bank as she did." Her voice was light and enticing, but terrifying all at the same time.

       "We were coming to stop the robbery, but you seem to have everything under control." Robin regained his composure and spoke to the girl.

      She nodded slightly and said, "My name is Koriand'r. It would become StarFire here."

      "Well, StarFire, my name is Robin. This is BeastBoy, Cyborg, and Raven."

        He was surprised to turn and see both BeastBoy and Raven bowing to the young girl.

       StarFire groaned and asked the two to stand.

       "I do not wish to be bowed to any longer. I have left to escape being told what to do and say and I just wish to be a normal girl and have normal friends."

       "Who are you?" Cyborg couldn't conceal all of his curiosity.

       "I am a princess of Tamaran. But I dislike it. BlackFire may be Queen, now." Her voice was fierce and her eyes started to shine green.

      "Whoa whoa, calm down." Beast Boy touched her arm softly, "I may not be the most normal person ever, but I'll be your friend." A small smile pulled at her lips as her hand was delicately placed over his.

       "You are most normal for me, friend BeastBoy."

      "If you'll take me, I'll be your friend too, but I will admit, I'm a bit on the unstable side." Raven's hand joined BeastBoy's and a beaming smile was delivered to her from StarFire.

      "All of us will be more than happy to be your friend." Robin joined them and the smile he got was just as bright.

      "If we are all friends, is it possible you know of a place I may make my sleep?"

      Cyborg stepped forward and took her hand, steering her towards Titan Tower, and the rest of them followed.

      "Why don't you just stay with us. Titan Tower is big enough for all of us to bunk." His face pulled up with a huge grin as she nodded slowly.

      "Many thanks to you, friend. May I assume you are the one they call Cyborg?"

      "Yeah. I'm Cyborg, and it's great to meet you, Star. I can call you that right? StarFire is a bit long."

      "Yes. 'Star' is a most adequate name."'


      With one last smile they arrived at the Tower, and Robin set off to show Star every inch of the tower.


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