Wait For Me

They were the star crossed lovers. They were teenagers, madly in love. Being judged by the world. Bet he kept her safe from everyone and everything that harmed her. He became famous and never came back, not even to see his Juliet. Never said goodbye. She searches for him, but he is still yet to be found. Her Romeo. His Juliet. They are bound to cross eachothers paths again, but when. It has to be soon, because his Juliet, is slowly slipping away from everything.


4. When can we meet up?



    Abbies POV

" What's your dream? Is it being a singer? Being famous? X factor is looking for contestants! Call this number-"

I am calling... wait should I? I don't know... before I could even make my own decision I started typing in the number. And I now have an audition.


"ABBIE! I'm home..." Em yelled.

"Oh hey Em." I said

"Abbie, call this number."

"Why? Is it like a-" I tried to finish but she cut me off.

"Just call it, you'll understand." She said

I grabbed my IPhone and typed in the numbers.

It started ringing and I became very scared and nervous.

"Abbie..." I heard a husky voice say.

"Umm I'm sorry but I dont- oh my god." I said.

"Abbie please don't hang up!" He slightly yelled.

"Harry what do you want." I said.

"I want to meet up with you. Please." He asked me. He sounded hurt.

"Harry, I would love to. But it will have to be tomorrow because I auditioned for the X factor." I said. Em looked at me and screamed.

"You did?!!!!!? I'm coming, whether you want me to or not." He said 

"What about your tour?" I asked.

"We have off for like 3 months!" He happily said.

" Ok! We'll, do you want to meet up tomorrow?"

"Yes, ok so I know where you live because of Em" he said "I'll pick you up tomorrow at 12 ok?" He asked.

"Ya! See you then!" I said.

"Bye Abbie" Harry said.

I pushed end.


We both jumped up and down

This is the best day ever!

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