Wait For Me

They were the star crossed lovers. They were teenagers, madly in love. Being judged by the world. Bet he kept her safe from everyone and everything that harmed her. He became famous and never came back, not even to see his Juliet. Never said goodbye. She searches for him, but he is still yet to be found. Her Romeo. His Juliet. They are bound to cross eachothers paths again, but when. It has to be soon, because his Juliet, is slowly slipping away from everything.


5. night



It was getting late so I trailed off to bed.

"NIGHT EM!" I yelled.

She didn't answer. She probably fell asleep, which is okay I mean she got Harry to meet me.

I grabbed my pj's and walked into the bathroom. I undressed and turned on the shower.

I walked into the shower and the water felt really nice against my skin. I don't know why but I started singing "They Just Don't Know You" by Little Mix


Daddy doesn't think that you'll be good enough for me

Momma says be careful cuz he'll break your heart in three

They don't walk in my shoes

They ain't being kissed by you

My sister says she doesn't like the way you wear your hair

But I know that she's jealous so why would I even care

I have to lie about how good you make me feel


Tell me

Tell me you won't break my heart

You won't tear my world apart

That you'll be there when I need

Cuz I wanna tell them

They just don't know you

They just don't know you

They just don't know you

They don't know you like I do


I stopped singing and turned off the shower. I got dressed in my pagamas and washed my face.

I walked out of the shower and jumped into bed. 

I covered up in my blankets and was about to sleep when Em came rushing in and starting laughing.

"Abbie... please....don't....hate....me...after...this..." she said while laughing.

"Wait what?!" I  am so confused.

She gave me her phone and she was on Skype with Harry.

"Did he hear me sing...." I glared at her.

"Maybe." Em said.

"You sounded amazing! You will win the X Factor, no sweat!" Harry said through Em's phone.

"Thank you Harry." I said still glaring at Em.

"Hehehe. You still love me!" Em said running out of the room.

"You wish!" I said and she starting fake crying.

"Hey Abbie" Em's phone said.

"Hello Harry" I said.

"Look I am so sorry. I was an asshole. I didn't know how to say it to you. I still think of you every single night. Just thinking of you keeps me up all night." He said.

"So it's true." I said.

"What is true?" Harry asked.

"When you can't fall asleep at night thinking of someone, the person you are thinking of can't fall asleep because they are thinking of you." I said.



I'm sorry for not updating for a while. But I promised I would update tonight so here you go!!




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