Wait For Me

They were the star crossed lovers. They were teenagers, madly in love. Being judged by the world. Bet he kept her safe from everyone and everything that harmed her. He became famous and never came back, not even to see his Juliet. Never said goodbye. She searches for him, but he is still yet to be found. Her Romeo. His Juliet. They are bound to cross eachothers paths again, but when. It has to be soon, because his Juliet, is slowly slipping away from everything.


1. Intro

Hello. My name is Abigail. Ya, you have probably heard of my name because of its popularity. It's a pretty common name. On July 23 1995 a bouncing baby girl with blonde hair and blue eyes came alive. I wish I wasnt even born. Life has been, let me put it in the shortest way possible, Horrible. Up until I was 16, life was good. I had a perfect boyfriend whom now dosent give 2 fucks about me. His name is Harry Styles.


"Abbie, look at the stars"

"They are beautiful"

"But not as beautiful as you" 

He reached over to me and I came closer, we kissed. Just a simple I love you kiss.

Every second was amazing, and as the time went by, I couldn't even function that this was the last night I would be able to see him......


I winced as I remembered the memory. 3 years ago, I called him mine. 3 years ago, he loved me. And now all I am to him is a memory...






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