You Make Me Feel Safe Again

I never thought that things could be like this, so good, and so bad at the same time.
Harry is everything I need, just enough. He makes me feel safe, and fills in the spots of people who are never there for me.


5. You Fixed Me With You

Leigh! Leigh?!" 
I heard a voice and looked. It was Amori.
 I ignored her.
 "Leigh!" She screamed out once more with a questioning voice saying 'why aren't you answering' 
I just stared out at the woods again and couldn't hold in my tears as much as I tried. Next thing I knew Amori had her arm around me. 
"How did you find me" I said wearily.
"Leigha ... you always come here when you're feeling low" 
Leigha is actually my real, legal name but no one really says it unless they're serious or I'm in trouble. 
"Oh" I said pushing her arm off me and jumping down the ramp. I looked back once and saw her staring at me.
 I just kept walking. 

Not one text, FaceTime, email, phone call from Harry all weekend. I ignored Amori and avoided my mom; but somehow Niall got my phone number, and we spoke for the weekend. He's actually a really good kid.

On Monday when the week started I saw Harry and said weakly "hey" and smiled, holding back my tears and worries. "Too late" he said and walked away to his class. 
The day lasted forever and I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. 
Tuesday was horrid, I ignored every single creature that breathed around me. I had just lost one of my best friends... and he obviously didn't want me back either.

Everyone in school, starting early Monday morning had been talking about me, and everyone but Niall and Amori had resorted to ignoring me. Horrid rumors like "can't trust her" "slut" "mad bitch" and many other things were everywhere in school about me...what did I do?

Tuesday night it snowed. Great. 
No school Wednesday or Thursday is what happened. Good.
No one needs that hell hole anyway.
I went to the skate park on Thursday to cry, and watch the woods with the beautiful white everywhere, instead of my room. 
As I walked up to the park, my favorite ramp was already taken. I slowly walked closer and looked under the snow. "Harry.." I said to myself. He looks. His eyes squinted and stared. Slowly he said "Leigh" 
I turned and ran, as fast as my legs could move. I was 12 blocks from home, as if I could continue running. 

Maybe about 2 miles to go I realized someone was chasing after me.
Dying inside, knowing it was Harry I turned and screamed "go home!" "But I can't!" He screamed. I stopped running and just sat on the cold floor. I leaned over myself and just broke down. In less than 2 minutes the curly haired boy who once held my heart was leaning over me, protecting me from the snow, and lending me body heat. "I'm so sorry" he said broken. "Don't" I said loudly, and smacked him off me. I got up and ran about 7 yards then turned and looked at him  I screamed so everyone around could hear. "I'm not stupid! know.." My voice was cracking and breaking ever other word, If you were simply listening you could tell I was broken, crying. "I know.." I put so much emphases on 'know' exclaiming it was a fact. "I know" I repeated. "It was you.*pause* I know it was you who started the rumors! I know it was your stupid friends who helped spread it!" I paused and started breathing heavy, trying to catch air in my broken heart. "So do not! Do not.
Try and.. And.. Don't try and comfort me! It's your fault." As I thought I quickly remembered the first day I met him. "I'm on top" scrambled my mind to pieces. Next thing I know I was in Harry's tight grip. As I was trying to hurt him and push him off me he threw his body onto mine very quickly and forcefully. His body over mine, his lower half leaving all weight on me, and using his muscles to separate a half inch of our faces and his peppermint breath piercing my lips. "Listen to me." He said. 
Now feeling powerless and weak under his amazingly built body I smiled a small smirk and said "yes".
"I did not start those rumors. Stef did." Stefanie is the only other person who spoke to him slightly on his first day. "Oh?" I said. "Since the day we met, and I gave you that worried face in the hall.. I've been in love" I didn't have a feelings. Everything at once.. Mad, sad, broke, scared, hurt, amazed, lucky.. All that +numb. I was misunderstanding myself too much to even understand that. I wanted to see you at the skate park because Lindsey told me it was your favorite place, and I found out from Jade that she's a day older than you. I wanted to be with you on your birthday.." I hadn't even realized it was my birthday myself. He sat up and straddled my hips, reached in his pocket, and pulled out a gorgeous, shining, sparkling necklace that said "Leigh" on it. He leaner over me and pulled up my long black wavy hair and clipped it around my neck. " I wanted to celebrate the birth of the most amazing, smart, brilliant, gorgeous, popular girl I know.. With this..." And he lifted it with one finger and smiled at me straight in the eye. I thought he was going to kiss me. 
He stood up, and reached his hand for me to get up too. Both standing, he looked at the beautiful woods and struggled to find his words. I noticed he had his hand holding mine. 
"I was hurt when I didn't get to carry out my plans with the very first girl I'm in love with..." He went from the woods to directly in my eyes after his words. "Why did the time make a difference?" I questioned lightly. "Music and stars" he answered. I realized immediately. We locked eyes "I.. I" I didn't know whether to say 'I love you' or I have to go. I struggled one last time. "I ha-" he cut me off. Peppermint stung my lips so deliciously, against the cold, mint and soft tongue filled my mouth and I could do nothing but close my eyes and five back as I wrapped my arms on his neck. As I quickly got the hang of it he pulled back but didn't allow me to, with his large hands gripping my hips so tightly. "Music, stars, and your lips.. Is why time mattered." In shock I just smiled. 
Harry killed all distance between us when he quickly and smoothly yanked my hips attached to his, and my chest so forced close to his I could feel his heart beat.  "I wanted to make you mine.. In the way I just did" he smirked. My eyes fluttered and I felt my face get red. "You're cold." He stated. "Oh really?" I said back sarcastically, looking from our feet to his face towering above mine. "I'm taking you home" he said giggling, and swiftly lifting me off my feet and carrying me.

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