We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


6. smile for me babe

"Harry?" I ask confused.
"No. It's Joey. Yes it's me." Harry says walking in.
"Not to sound rude but why are you here?" I ask confused.
"To see you. By the way we are going to an amusement park with your dad to day." Harry says.
"Umm. Ok. Well I have to, you know. Take the pictures." I say awkwardly walking out of the room.
"Hey." I say as I walk to the picture area. To the person next to me. I didn't even look. It was some random person hence what they say.
"Oh my god your Alex! And you just talked to me! Oh my god!" She really liked me.
"Hi. Can I help you?" I ask.
"Well my name is destiny. I love your-" I cut her off.
"Wait. Destiny what?" I was suddenly interested.
"Hearn." Ho-ly crap. I haven't seen this kid in years. She went to school with me. She doesn't remember though.
"Here is my number." I say handing her a piece of paper.
"Wait I already have this number. It was a girl named Alex that I used-" something clicked "oh my god it's you!" Ding ding ding.
"Bing-o." I say. "It took you a while. Look I have to you know do my job but we should get together. Love ya." I leave.
"You look hot." I hear a voice that I've never been able to ignore. It was John. I turn around. And say.
"Not to shabby yourself."
"Thanks." He says smirking.
"Alright I need you. Girl. To stand right there. Yes. Yes. Now I need you. Boy to stand there. Good. Now girl. You lay on ground like so. Good. Now boy you sit like so. Head in hands. Good. Good. Now smile. Girl. Only girl. Yes. Yes. Boy. Study her. Look at her amazed. Yes. Yes." 'Bob' says. We laugh. Then Harry comes out.
*last photo Harry left*
"Smile for me babe." John says in my ear. My back is to his chest and his arms wrapped around me. I am looking at him with my head turned. But I had a straight face.
"No." I whisper. Then he starts to tickle me.
"Fine." I say and smile.
"Thats a it. You two may leave now." 'Bob' says. Thank The Lord. I get my purse. And my other clothes and shove them in my oversized purse. I pull out my phone. And text to Harry
'Leaving now.'
"Ok your dads here 😏😇' he replies. I laugh. And stick my phone in my purse. And walk out. John is still in the blue jeans, white shirt, and black high tops. But he added his leather jacket. I pulled on my jean jacket and we walked out. I hop into my dads mustang and drive to his house. He's not home and Johns car is not in the driveway.
"I think I know where your car is." I say.
"Your house." He replies.
"Yep." I say as we get out of the car. I start to walk to my house. John runs up to me.
"I kinda need my car back." He says and I laugh. He walk down the street. Louis and Rachel are in the front yard eating. They waved we waved back. When I was about to go into the house John kissed me. On the lips. I didn't want it to end. I never felt this way before. He pulls away.
"Well I got to go. Have your dad drive my car back. I'm going to Niall's house." He says and the sprints. I unlock the door and see my dad and Harry in an intense conversation. I didn't interrupt them so they must not know I'm here. I came in the front door something that I don't do very often. I do what I do and lean against the wall.

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