We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


8. selfie

I fall asleep and wake up with an annoying "Alex. Alex. Alex. Are you awake? Alex. Alex. Alex.…" and it went on "Yes." I say and get out of the car hug Louis and tell him that he needs to have John get his car. I turn around and say "Why are we at the airport?" "To go to America. Duh." Harry says. We go threw security and go to a real plane and are in first class. Harry and I sat together my dad sat alone. There really aren't that many people in first class. And they are mostly on their computers. The plane takes off and Harry gets a blanket and two pillows from a flight attendant. We share the blanket and Harry is talking about how scared he is. Harry wraps his arm around me and says "Are you ok babe?" "Yeah tired but ok." I reply. "Ok. I love you." He says. "Love you too." I mumble closing my eyes. We were holding hands and his head was on top of mine. We fell asleep like that. In each others grasp. I wake up and Harry is now playing with my hair. "Morning sunshine." He says with a small laugh. "Harry what did you do?" I ask "Check twitter." He says. "Do I want to check twitter?" I say not knowing what he did. "Maybe maybe not." He says. This can't be good. I pull out my phone and see that Harry posted a picture of me sleeping on his shoulder. "Harry why did you post this picture?" I ask "You look so hot." He put under the pic. @Harry_Styles: my babe @AlexMcGill17 it's getting hot on my shoulder������ "Oh my God Harry why?" I ask. "Why what? What is it? Is it what I said?" He says. "I find it hilarious that you quoted one of your songs but still. It's kinda weird." I say. "Excuse me. Have you see the pictures that you post." He says. He was right. I do post some weird things. "Look at this. You posted a picture of me sleeping on the couch in Sydney's house. And a picture of me locked outside. And a picture of me with cake from my birthday on my face. You post a lot of pictures of me and not a lot of you. You never did. It's mainly of your friends why? Now that your famous people want to see you." He says. And he was right. "I will post more pictures of me." I say. I get up and use to go to the bathroom. I don't have to go. I just need to fix my hair. I walk in. It's not to bad. I play with it. I'm thinking about putting it in a bun but I decide not to. I walk out and sit back down. I pull out my phone again and take a selfie I post it on twitter and Instagram. And with a minute interlude the was one like on each. And they were both Harry. I smile.
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