We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


15. phone call

I lay on the bed waiting for Harry to get out of the shower. I'm on Instagram. I find some random fan page that's called @Halex_4_life I smiled at the name. And her most l resent up load is the video of last night. I smile looking at it. I press play and it starts. Wow. I look so surprised. Because I was I like the video and pull up twitter. When I see a girl under the name @John_Alex_4ever. Crap. I think that this can't be good. She posted the video two but she commented "What happened to Alex and John. Didn't John admit to have a life long crush on Alex? Did she not hear it? Alex if your reading this. I'm happy for you but what about John?" She says. Yeah I heard it. But what about John. What… about.… John. I pick up my phone I start to dial his number. No I'll tell him in person. I put it down and Harry comes out of the shower. In his boxers. I grab out of my suit case a pair of grey jeans. A purple tee shirt and a pair of white high tops. I go into the bathroom and start the shower. I stand there letting the warm water rundown my back. What will I do with John? What will he say? I just need to tell him. Those questions keep bouncing around in my head as I shower. I come out and put on my clothes and blow dry my hair so it's straight. I come out and Harry's holding a grey jean jacket and my purse for me. I smile and put it on and grab my purse. "Thanks." I say. And we walk out. I get in the car and drive like four minutes and we get out. There was no paparazzi there. Nobody tipped. Them on where we were. Harry holds out his hand and I take it. We walk in and my phone starts to ring I pick it up. "Hello is this Alex McGill or Styles?" I here a familiar voice say. I just can't point my finger on it. "Yes it is. And who are you? I ask. "Elena. Elena Verban." She says. The girl that hates my guts. I bet she heard. "What do you want." I say. "An invitation to your wedding. I want to support you." She says. "Ok I'll see you than." I say and hang up the phone. That was weird. We go to the arcade place with mini golf. "There's an arcade too?" Harry say. "Yeah. We might be spending a while here." I say and we get our clubs and balls. "You are going. Down." Harry says. And I laugh and say "In your wildest dreams." I reply. And I hit the purple ball. I get a hole in one. And I start to laugh. Harry hits his green ball and just misses the hole. "Ha!" I half yell at Harry. "Big deal." He hits the ball into the hole. "You're winning by one." I shrug and we go to the next hole. Lets just say that this girl beat Harry. We finish our game. "What was that about me losing?" I say. "Oh come on that was one game. I'll beat you soon." He answers. I laugh and we give the guy our clubs and we go to the arcade. We go put a hundred dollars in the coin machine and I start to laugh. "You really want to play." I say. "No duh." He replies. By the end we have two thousand tickets. Harry uses it to get me a big purple stuffed cat. We also have a big rubber ball from a claw machine and a boat load of candy. We both made cookies and by the time we finished everything. We missed lunch. We go back to the hotel. I saw a apple in a basket of fruit and I grabbed it. Harry got a banana. We get into the elevator and Harry says. "Wear one of those dresses tonight. We are going to a really fancy place for dinner." "Ok. Let me guess we are going to a movie premiere after." I say. "You know me so well." He says as we get off. I go to unlock the door and throw all the stuff on to the bed. "Wait. I need to tell my dad how badly you lost." I said picking up my phone. "Come on it was like seventeen points." Harry says. I laugh so hard as the phone rings. I put my finger to his lips and he moans. God. Sexual. My dad picks up the phone and I say "Hello. Guess what?" "What?" My dad says. "I beat Harry so badly in mini golf." I say. "That's my girl." He says. I smile. "What are you waiting in line for?" I ask. "Food. Oh and I'm with Ron. Ron do you want to talk to Alex?" He says I'm pretty sure that I wasn't suppose to hear some of that. "Here's Ron." My dad says. "Hello?" Ron says. "Banana." I say. "Wow. Alex. So how was mini golf?" He asks. "I beat the crap out of Harry." I say. "I kinda figured. Well we got to go. We're next to get food. Love you lots Hun. Bye." Ron says and he hung up. I then sit on Harry. "Why you gotta be so hot?" Harry asks. I immediately start laughing. "I don't know. Why do you?" I ask still laughing. "I don't know. This is how I was created. Babe." Harry says and then he chuckles. I kiss him and then hop off his lap. I still have my room key. I run out of the room and into the elevator. The doors close as Harry comes by. I laugh and go to the lobby. As soon as I get to the floor I see the rest of the boys standing there.
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