We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


26. our honeymoon

I wake up and look over to Harry fiddling with my phone. "Ahem. Can I help you?" I ask. "No I'm good." He says. He's voice is still a little raspy. But that's ok. I sit up grab my pillow that I was sleeping on and hit him with it and laughed. Then he stands up and picks me up bridal style an slowly goes down the stairs. So he doesn't fall. He puts me on the soft couch. And I say "Woof." "Haha." He says and then he starts a like Japanese accent "What you want for breakfast." I start laughing "Nothing you cook." I say still laughing. "Are we going out today?" I ask. "Yeah. Do you just kinda want to walk around time square? And walk around New York and pretend there is no paparazzi?" He asks. "That sounds good. We can get some food at Starbucks." I say and I go up stairs and change into something warm. Some navy blue floral jeans. And a dark grey tank top. I run back downstairs. With knee high converse and Harry goes up as I fiddle with my shoes. When Harry's back down I go back up and brush my hair and curled it. Then I  go back down. "Better." I say and Harry laughs and hands me my purse. I check for my phone and we go. When we get to the lobby we talk to the fans that have filled in the lobby and we walk out laughing. "So much for privacy." I say. "I know." Harry answers. We walk for a little until we get to time square. We stop and look for the Starbucks. We run to Starbucks and we stop when we get in and the people stare at us. And we burst out laughing. And everyone still stare. "Nothing to see here people." Harry and I say at the same time. And they all go back to their computers and we go up and get some coffee not that we need it just so we can be goofy. We get some food and eat and we leave. We roam around the square and we almost feel like normal people. We go down to the docks and look around. We go into this almost mall and we actually buy some stuff their. I get I new phone case. It's the skyline of New York. Harry bought some candy at a really good candy store. I went there once. I choose not to remember it because it was with my singing group and John bought me some food there. It we also sang in there and that's where John asked me out. See why? Anyway. I go into a little store and we don't by anything but we run into somebody. I look up and see Ben. The owner of cedar point. We talk and he leaves. I walk around and then Harry pulls me out of the store and we go on a boat. "What the heck Harry?" I say. "We are going somewhere." He says. "What over the rainbow?" I say. "No over there." He says and I see a airport. "Ok." We I don't know. Float? I guess to the little airport and we get off. We walk around well Harry does. I can't see. Harry has his hands over my eyes. I hear a loud noise and Harry moves his hands and I see a helicopter. We get in it and fly around the city and and the Statue of Liberty. We come off at around lunch time and we go back to that almost mall and get some food there. We go back to our hotel and I check my phone management called. I call back "Hello this is Alex. You called earlier?" I say. "Yes. We are extending your honeymoon." The lady says. Um ok. "Why? Not that it bothers me but seriously why?" I ask "You are performing at Madison square garden." The lady says. "Alright. Thank you." I say and hang up. Harry comes over to me by flopping onto the bed. "Was that management?" He asks "Yes Harry it was." I say. "What did they say?" He asks again. "That I will preform in Madison square garden." I say. "What about me?" Be says with a puppy dog face. "You get nothing and like it." I say then Harry's phone rings. I steal it and put it on speaker. "Hello." Harry says. "Yes you and the boys will sing at Madison square garden with Alex. So you and Alex will be staying in New York for awhile." The man says. "Ok. We will bye." He says. He hangs up and looks at me. "What was that? I get nothing? Hmm?" He says. "Well they didn't say any thing." I mumble. My phone lights up and it's from Louis. Hope I'm not interrupting anything but you should go on youtube. "Harry pull up YouTube." I say and Harry laughs. And opens hit up on his phone and I look over. It's their new music video. "You'll like this." He says and shows me it. "You know I really like that Marcel he's super hot." Say laughing. "Shhh it's not at the best part." And we watch the video. And we finish. "That's not too bad." I say. "What did you think of some of Marcel's I ideas?" He asks. "Oh I really love the one where all of you look like strippers." I say. "I made them do that just for you." He says and I laugh. "Hmm." I say and try to get off the bed but Harry pulls me back down. "Their is something that I am dying to do something." He says. "Oh really what's that?" I ask. "You know what I mean." He says and his eyes get dark.
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