We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


5. knock

Harry's P.O.V.
I woke up and noticed that Alex wasn't in my arms. I slowly got up and made my way downstairs and saw everyone up. Well the boys the girls weren't there.
"Morning Haz." Louis mumbled
"Where are the girls? And um John?" I asked.
"Alex and John have a photo shoot. It started at ten. Those two left around nine. Everyone else went home." Zayn said.
"And why are you not home?" I asked rubbing my eyes
"We are leaving like right now." Liam said. They all got up and left at that. Wow. I got some cereal and ate it with apple juice. I threw myself on the couch. I was thinking of being productive today. Nah. I'm good. Watch a movie. Nope. I pull out my phone to text Alex. Better not. I put it back and start to walk around. Man I'm board. I could call Alex's dad. What the hell why not. I pull out my phone and call Tom.
"Hello?" He says
"Hey Tom." I say
"Oh hi Harry." He says with a sigh of relief.
"So what are you doing?" Man I was desperate.
"Nothing. And I'm assuming that Alex isn't at your house and everyone else has plans." He new me so well.
"Indeed." I say.
"Well Harry what do you want to do today?" He asks.
"I don't know. You pick this time." I say. I dragged him to see a movie with me last time.
"I want to go to an amusement park. Maybe we could take Alex. She loves that stuff." Tom says.
"Really? I didn't know that. And I've dated her for two years." I said.
"Well duh. She's my daughter. She knows when the pictures happening on the ride. Any ride. Anywhere. So do you want to do it? I can come over. I have nothing planed today either." He sounded desperate too.
"Umm sure. I'll see you at one. She'll be done around one-thirty, two o'clock." I said.
"See ya. Bye." He said and hung up. I just don't know what to do for awhile. I get in the car and drive to where I have photo shoots. I'm almost out of the neighborhood when I realize I'm in my pajamas.
Alex's P.O.V.
"Are we there yet?!" John whines next to me.
"You asked me that already and what do you think John?" I say pulling into the place.
"I think that I am excited to have my first photo shoot!" John yells when he gets out of the car. I crack up because that is what I was like. He has become so weird lately. I like it. I am so weird to. We basically crack each other up. But he just suddenly became as weird as Louis. And Louis weirder than me. We are in the elevator I press the twenty button and John moans. 
"I have to wait!" I laugh.
"You do realize they have to do your hair and did you really think that you would be taking pictures that will be on posters in your own clothes?" I say.
"Well kinda." He says and I laugh again. Then he starts doing some weird dance. Then I realize that he is twerking.
"Dude! I don't need to see you twerking!" I yell.
"Sorry." He laughs.
"I think you spend a little to much time with Niall and Louis." I say.
"How'd you know?" He asks as the door opens we step out.
"Because I know. You practically live with Louis, Niall and me. You barely live in your own house." I say.
"True. I don't think you want to see my pelvis thrust." He says.
"I had to preform with Louis before. I've seen his. He even taught me." I say.
"Well then. Did Niall teach you how to twerk?" He asks. Wow. This conversation took a strange turn.
"Hell yeah he did." I say as the photographer comes up. We both burst out laughing. I hope he didn't hear any of that.
"Hello. I will be taking your photos to day." He says in a French accent. We just laugh louder. The photographer looked at us funny. Until we stopped laughing.
"Sorry. We have an inside joke going on. So what's your name?" I asked.
"You don't need to know my name please." He said. Um can I get a sassy?
"Oh ok. I'll call you bob." I said.
"Bob. I like it." John says with approval.
'Bob' points us to two dressing rooms. One with my name and the other with John's.
"Have fun. This is the boring part." I say and smirk and go into the dressing room. I am handed a spaghetti strapped tank top with the England flag on it. It wasn't tight on me. It was mainly loose fabric. I put it on. Then I put on the grey skinny jeans. Then the lady hands me some strappy heels. I shook my head and put them on. I sat in a chair as my make up was done and my hair was curled. I got up and looked in the body mirror. Damn I look good.
"Can I keep this outfit?" I asked. They nodded. I smiled. I looked again. And I had so much mascara on. That's all they did. Other than cover up. That's it. My hair was perfectly curled. I want to dye it bright red. You know like Ariana Grande. But you know. I can't. My friend an I want to get a friendship tattoo. Well all of us do. Harry, Niall, John, Nikki, Sydney,etc. it's just a heart with a infinity sign in the middle. And it goes on our wrists. But no. There is a knock on my door. The assistants left to help the photographer get ready. I open it and I see Harry.

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