We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


13. holy

Harry's P.O.V. We leave the elevator and Alex changes. Her family cusses. I just don't know if I can ask her. You know it's just so. You know. I really love her. What the hell her family's here so I will. She comes out in the outfit she was in earlier today. I change into my white shirt and black jacket and blue jeans. And brown boots. I love them. But they may have to go soon. I walked out and we sat on the bed watching a family guy marathon. We were spending most of the time on twitter. Alex took my advice. There are seven pictures of us at the park. Today. "Oh my goshstagram! Look at all your photos on Instagram." I said. "Yep." She says. Yep. Yep. "Hey we need to go now." I say. "Ok." Alex says with a sigh and we go to the elevator. I hope that she enjoys today. We get off and we walk in. This time security takes us to the stage area. They have blocked off the area. So we wouldn't get bugged. Alex hops up on stage and does her songs. Then I hop up and we sing our song and hop off Alex goes and changes and I talk to the security guards about what I'm going to do after we sing. Instead of an on core. They agree and said that my plan is adorable and that they hope for the best. I thank them and go get in the front row of the bleachers and the security lets Alex's family in. I'm sitting there like the awkward turtle I am. "Hey Harry." Ron says. "Tree." I reply. "What?" Tom asks. "You heard me. Tree." I say. "Tree. What the fuck?" Bill says. "I don't know. I like trees." I say. "Strange boy. You're perfect for Alex." Lou says. That's the first I've heard him talk. "Thanks." I say. Then the other people come in as the sun goes down. That's a good thing. Alex's P.O.V. I am freaking out. I don't know why. Oh I know why. Believe it or not this concert will be broadcasted threw out the park and on T.V. Apparently this is T.V. worthy. What am I talking about. I just have a feeling that something's going down tonight. I hop out of the chair and look at myself. It's black skinny jeans and silver heals with a red knit sweater. It's kinda cold outside. I am escorted to the golf cart. I pull out my phone to turn it off. I put it in the spot they want me to and I checked my hair. I know it was straightened but I felt the need to look perfect. "Oh by the way my phones in there." I say pointing to the spot as I get out and the guy nods. Nobody can see me. I'm behind the stage and its dusk. I'm standing behind this paper think that when the spotlight hits it you see the outline of me. The spot comes on on I start to sing. The beginning of this song has no music. *song before get up.* "Cause you know I'll be there." I sing and then I say. "It's been a blast up here. Spending the day with you guys. But I want to share it with Harry. Come on up." Harry pops up and comes up the stairs and says hi in my ear. He goes to get his mic. And I notice a lump in his pocket. What the. It's not his phone. "Hello. Hello can you hear me?" The crowd cheers. "Good. Now I need you all to get up." The music starts. "Come on baby. I just want to be with you. Only you." Harry sings. "I want to get out of hear. But I don't know how." I sing. "Just follow me and I'll take you where you want to go." Harry sings. The two of us start the refrain to get everyone up. "All you need to do is get up. Get up. Come everybody stand up." Song ends "Get up." I sing and we leave the stage. "On core! On core! On core!" The crowd cheers. I run out. I told them to start what happened to imagination but the music didn't start. All of a sudden the crowd cheers. I look behind me and I see Harry. With a head set on. And no mic in his hands like I do. What's going on. I blink my eyes and Harry spins me around to face him. He pushes us to center stage and the stage goes dark. I single spotlight comes on and Harry reaches into his pocket. I look out to the crowd. All I see are light from cameras. Harry tugs my hand. I look at him and he's on one knee. Holy. He's purposing. "Alex. The first time I met you I said 'woh babe alert' and that was what I was. I am not the type to settle down. At all. But I love you even more then cats. And that's a lot. So.…" he goes into his pocket and pulls out a box. And opens it. "Will you Alexandria Leona McGill marry me?" Holy. I did not see that one coming. But apparently everyone else did. "Say yes!" Some one yells from the crowd. It was Ron. "Say it!" That was Bill. "Say yes!" And that starts everyone chanting "Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!" I pull my mic up to my mouth and say "Yes." And I smile and Harry slides the gold with diamond ring on my finger and the crowd starts chanting for us to kiss. So we do. Then I hug him and whisper "I did not see that coming. But everyone else did." And pull away. We are smiling so much right now. All I have to say is holy crap. What just happened.
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