We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


30. future (end of book)

What happens in the future Alex and Harry: they have a little boy and name him Harry Edward Styles jr. They live off of there fortune. Haley and Niall: they get married after Delilah Rose Horan was born. She has her dads eyes her moms hair. And that's all they know. Louis: after a harsh breakup with Rachel he finds comfort in Emily. And they eventually get married. They have no kids. Rachel: after leaving Louis she goes to Andrew. But they don't get married because Rachel was killed by a crazies 1D fan. Liam and Sarah: they get married have twins one boy one girl boy is named Josh Drew Payne and the girl is Victoria Trisha Payne. Zayn and Perrie: they get married. John and Nikki: they date for a long time because John travels a lot. But as he travels Nikki becomes a model and she travels around the world too. They were hardly together but when her career. Ended when the corporation fired her for unknown reasons they were reunited and got married and had a kid named Patrick James Page. The kids: the grow up and form a band. Harry's the co-lead singer and Delilah is the other lead singer. Josh plays the drums Victoria plays the bass and Patrick plays lead guitar. They are as famous as their parents and they practice a lot and travel together and they love being around each other.
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