We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


7. eavesdropping

"Look. I get you love her but are you sure you want to ask her to day? That's a really big question. You've only know her for two years. I asked Alex's mom after five years Harry." I heard my dad say.
"Two years is to long. I love her so much. I just want to pop the question. So do I have your permission?" Harry asks.
"Yes. Yes you do." I walk back to the door and open it quietly but close it loudly so they know I'm here.
"Hello?" I almost yell.
"In here babe." Harry say. What does he mean ask her. What question. And why does he need my fathers permission.
"Hey dad hey Harry." I say walking in.
"I hope you don't plan on going in that. Oh and pack some bags." Harry smirks. What the heck.
"What do I need to pack." I ask.
"Well we will begone for a week so. For that. A week." Harry says.
"Dad you going?" I ask.
"Well I will be there just not there. I'm going to visit some people. And we won't have the same hotel room. But you and Harry will share." He says and winks at the end. God my dad is so perverted.
"Um ok. I'm going to pack and change." I say and start going upstairs. I stop half way. I put my ear to the wall.
"Well what do you think? Do you think she'll like it?" I hear Harry say.
"Yes. She will love it Harry. But are you sure-" I take my ear from the wall I don't want to be eavesdropping. I run upstairs quietly and throw stuff in.
"Harry!" I yell. I want him to help me pick out outfits.
"Coming!" He yells. I hear my dad crack up.  I can picture him saying something like 'you're at her beckon call'.
"What babe?" Harry asks.
"I want your help." I say.
"Ok." He says going to our closet. It's mainly mine though. Since I've become filthy rich I do a lot of clothes shopping. But Harry makes me save some of it. I don't mind. It's still a lot. Harry comes out with a bunch of skinny jeans. I laugh. I have so many. I have my closet in color order. Pants. I have red, bright blue, powder blue, green, black, white, grey and of course the usual shade of blue. And Harry threw one of each at me. I laughed. Then he threw tank tops, teeshirts, sweaters, and long sleeved shirts at me.
Then he came up with two dresses. One was small sleeveless and shinny black. The other was to the ground and red. On one side it had a long laced sleeve with rubies woven in. The other was sleeveless. I wore both dresses on the red carpet. One with the boys the other with John(for our album).
"Harry why do I need these dresses?" I ask.
"Did you really think I would take you to dinner at shabby places?" He said. I shrugged. I grabbed a pair of grey converse, black converse, white high tops, dark purple heels, shiny black heals, the black stilettos that match the black dress, and the gold color heels to match the red dress. I get my hair supplies and makeup. I zip up my bag and Harry leaves the room. I go into the closet and pull out white skinny jeans. A pair of black high tops. And a black long sleeve. I don't bother with hair and makeup I decide to go all natural. Well not really because my hair and makeup is still like it was for the photo shoot. I grab the comedically large suitcase and go downstairs.
"Lets get into the car. Louis here." Harry says. He must be driving us to the amusement park.

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