We know that Alex and Harry are changed. But what about the 'Fame'? Fame can Change a person. So what happens?(sequel to Change)


20. Are you sure

* Eight days before the wedding.* Alex's P.O.V. "Look I love you but I don't need to see the wall of my old bed room." I hear Harry say over my laptop speakers. "Well I'm trying to find my socks. Hold on. I found them." I say going back in front the computer. "Babe I can tell you're worried. Don't be. We have your friends coming out and all the boys have dates and so do your friends. And I have the honeymoon all planed. We are fine." Harry says. I sigh "You're right. I've got to go. I'll pick you up tomorrow. Bye." I say an Harry waves and press the end button. I walk out of his room and see Anne and Gemma. "You ready for your final fitting?" Anne asks. "Yeah. I guess." I say grabbing my purse. Harry's on the end of the take me home tour. We get into the car and drive to the dress shop. I've been staying with Harry's family for awhile. I'm going to the chapel tomorrow to see if everything is set up. It's a good that Harry's coming tomorrow. I still haven't talked to John lately. Or Nikki. Which is odd. "So in almost a week you're going to be married. How does it feel?" Gemma asks. "Honestly. Kinda scary." I say. "Well I'm shocked that Harry stayed with a girl this long. He's not one to settle down." Anne says. "The boys told me once that I had changed him." I say as we pull in. I see my friend Haley. She's my maid of honor and also Niall's girlfriend now. My bridesmaids are: Rachel, Nikki, and my cousin Braden(yeah it's a girl.) the junior bridesmaid is my little cousin Coveyn. She's a cutie. We get there and we all do our thing. We look at there purple dresses. The wedding colors are purple and orange. I personally hate the two together. But Harry really wanted orange so it's incorporated into the wedding. You see purple is my favorite color and Harry's is orange. So instead of a purple ribbon on my waist I have a orange one. My dress is simple. A pure white strapless dress that's down to the floor with that orange band. I have not been known to go all out. But my friends want me to look glamorous. We are finished and we all go out to Starbucks. I ask Nikki if she can come over later and she said yes. So we all drank our drinks and left. I got to my house and like five minutes later Nikki's at my door. "Hey come on in." I say and she comes in and I ask "Are you dating John?" "Yeah. How'd you guess?" She asks "Please. I've known you forever and your asking me that. But are you sure you want to go out with him?" I say. "Why would I be unsure?" She says looking me in the eyes. "Look he broke my heart and I don't want him to brake yours. That's all." I tell her the story about him and I. "Well I hope that doesn't happen. I need to go so. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh wait I won't your picking up Harry tomorrow." She says. I wave as she drives off.
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