You made me feel again


3. 'fresh start'

As I walked up to the school building i looked around and saw loads of people coming from all different directions. Some of the girls walking past gave me evils, and I gulped. Pulling the crumbled up piece of paper out of my bag. That the lady at the desk had given it to me a few weeks ago when me and my dad came to visit. It told me where I was meant to go and when. Pulling it up to my face i read the fist word 'maths' I groaned and made my way to the front desk again. The lady was how I remembered her being, tall and skinny with a pointy nose. She was on the phone so I stood and waited, she looked up and smiled "can I just hold you for one minute mrs fisken' she said into the phone. She looked up and placed the phone on her desk " and what can I do for you today, is it... Lily?" I smiled, and how she remembered "sorry to interrupt you, but I have no clue how to get to the maths department?" I said i looked into her wrinkly eyes and she smiled "Becky!" She screamed and I almost jumped out my skin. A small pretty girl with dyed dark red hair and beautiful tanned skin walked over to the desk. "yes mrs Carr" she said in a high voice that sounded like bells. " I do believe you have maths first thing?" Mrs Carr asked, Becky nodded and smiled at me. "will you please escort are new student lily here to the class?" "Sure" she said with a smile then turned to me "come on we don't want to be late" then grabbed my wrist lightly and steered me to the classroom.

As we walked in the teacher turned around. "Ah, there you are Becky" and looked and me then turned to the class and said "students we have a new pupil in are class today her name is lily, please do try to be nice to her! We all remember how it feels to be new" he pointed to a desk at the back. It was in the middle of Becky and a blonde boy, he had big blue eyes that twinkled. I smiled and walked over to sit down. Becky smiled at me and said"wanna have lunch with me today lily?" I smiled and nodded. Then looked over to see the blonde boy staring at me. He smiled and looked away. I frowned and then drew my attention to what the teacher was saying.

The bell finally rung to signal the end of lesson, I was sitting in the second class today, geography. At least Becky was in my class. I started packing me stuff together. Becky walked up to me, "want to go to lunch?" She smiled "sure" I said, I don't really eat that much it make me feel sick. We walked into the lunch hall, I had an cupcake and a bottle of fizzy orange juice, we sat down and I started picking at the cupcake my dad had pretended he made, but I know he bought it out of a shop. Becky looked up at me " you don't eat much do you?" I laughed, I hope she didn't sense that it was fake. I shook my head then I heard a voice with a thick Irish accent behind me "and you don't speak much" he giggled and sat down at the table " hi sorry I never introduced my self I'm Niall" I nodded " I'm lily" i said then my hair fell on my eyes and I brushed it away. Then smiled at him. He was really cute. I went red at the thought.

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