Help! I'm obsessed with fan fiction!

It all started on one faithful long airplane journey for Louis Tomlinson, from him it spread like wildfire across all the boys until all they thought about was the next chapter of their favorite fan fic.


2. How I started my journey (Louis' take)

OI! OI! OI! LOUIS THE TOMMO TOMLINSON HERE! WESTSIDE! Alright now I'm supposed to explain everything that happened. I'm not too sure what they're talking about. So let's talk about how a baby happens.

So first, a girl and guy strip then - Liam says I have to write about how reading fan fiction happened. That's no fun, but whatever Paynis. So, here's how it went down.

I sat in a chair beside Harry on the plane, it's been probably been 4 hours and we have like 2 hours left. Everyone was snoring their life away while I sat there scrolling through my twitter feed bored out of my mind. I exited twitter bored out of my mind. Harry had the window seat so it wasn't even like I could look out the window. The little shit. I opened my Google app and stared at my keyboard wondering what to type. Now, you can clearly see where I made the mistake of typing in Fan Fiction. Movellas popped up. What in the fu- fork is that. Liam says I'm not allowed to curse. Well, Liam guess what go fuck yourself cause I'm badass. WESTSIDE! RIGHT, BACK TO THE STORY! I typed One Direction in the search box. I scrolled until I saw Save You +16. It had me as the cover. I tapped on it as curiosity struck me. I chuckled when I saw the author's name. i'm_so_fabuLOUIS that was my favorite name. My eyes followed over the description. My time was precious, don't wanna waste my time on garbage. "I wanted to save her. She was going to die." My eyes widened. I continued on to the first actual chapter. "Flo our stylist?" Flo? She means Lou. Then Zayn came in. "I'm super tired, tell me a joke Louis, so I can wake up." Zayn groaned. Was I really that funny. I mean I can make Niall crack up with the snap of my fingers but to be fair the lad will laugh at anything. We all ran on the tour bus and started the engine. I slowly turned hoping we wouldn't run a girl over. Since when did I start driving the tour bus? "Hey it's an auction!" Harry screamed. I can really imagine Harry screaming that. A girl action. Selling girls in Mexico. Holy shit.

There was one girl left, blonde and wearing lace. "Going once, going twice?..." An old man screamed with a raspy loud voice.

"Ok nobody?" He asked bringing a knife to her neck, there was pure silence. WHAT! DON'T KILL HER! SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING!

"Okay, she dead." He said with an accent. NO!

"SOLD!" I screamed shaking not knowing what the hell I was doing. I bought her?!

"LOUIS! GET UP! WE GOTTA GO!" Harry screamed slapping me in the back of my head. I screamed holding the back of my head. He raised an eyebrow. I glared at him getting up, quickly locking my iPhone so he couldn't see what I was doing. I had to finish the chapter. See what happened. I sighed climbing off the jet. I just wanna sit down in a dark room, wrapped in blankets, reading the fan fictions. Hours and hours.

But that's what happened. On to whoever is next! STAY GANGSTER!

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