Christmas With the Fanfics: A Collection of Short Stories

A collection of stories telling about Christmas with Jess, the Maliks, and October Oaks.


2. The Quinns

(Follows the BTAS continuity. Jess is 14, as is her twin Jessica (Jessica belongs to a friend of mine), Baxter is 16 (two years older than the girls). 20ish years after the last episode of BTAS, not following the plot of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Jess's POV)

I stumbled out of bed, wincing as my feet touched the cold wood. My less-than-stellar landing awoke my identical twin sister, Jessica, and her head popped up.

"Good morning, sunshine." she yawned.

"Morning, Jessica." I groaned, then brightened up. "Do you think Mom and Dad could afford presents this year?" I asked hopefully.

"Maybe, if they robbed something." Jessica replied with a slight smile. "Oh, Baxter wanted me to give you this!" she gasped and tossed me a small gift wrapped in red. I caught it and clutched it close, glad that my rich boyfriend had thought of me . . . even if he had to use my sister as a messenger.

With great care, I removed the wrapping paper and opened the red box to find a small porcelain cartoonish clown.

I smiled a little. Baxter had probably fought with Bruce for hours to get me a present, and then hours more to make it a clown themed one. Baxter Wayne, you really do love me don't you... I thought to myself, rubbing my thumb across the clown and smudging the fine porcelain.

"Come on!" Jessica finally huffed. "I get that your boyfriend just got you a sentimental present, but it's time to . . ."

"Greet the day and say Merry Christmas to..." I zoned out after completing my twin's sentence, listing off the long list of family and friends. "Mom, Dad, Bruce, Barbara, Dick, Tim, Alfred, Baxter, Selina, Mad Hatter, Alice, Chesire, Aunt Red, Uncle Harv, Deux, Fleur, Clay-Face, Killer Croc, Baby Doll, Lacey, Ventriloquist, and maybe Heather. I miss anyone?" (A/N: Eventually, if you fan me, all these characters will be introduced through a fanfic at some point or another)

Jessica thought for a moment. "Well, I have to say it to Commissioner Gordon but I know how much you hate him."

"Motley thing?"


I rolled my eyes. "Blackbird has no time for such things as befriending the police commissioner." I teased.

Jessica rolled her eyes in return, though she had not perfected this signature Jess move. It was one of the few things that could be used to tell us apart.

Suddenly, the door crashed open. "Morning, twinnies!" Dad announced, carrying a bag of Joker toxin and laughing gas over one arm. "Ready for the first annual Quinn/Joker family Christmas heist?"

We looked at each other than grinned at our father. "We'll be ready in a moment, Dad." we chorused with the craziest smiles we could manage on our faces.

Dad gave a signature Joker laugh and exited our bedroom.

Never a dull moment in this family.

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