Christmas With the Fanfics: A Collection of Short Stories

A collection of stories telling about Christmas with Jess, the Maliks, and October Oaks.


1. The Maliks

(Follows the continuity of Gwen, Melody, and Erica. Takes place when Oceana and Mels are 13, Gwen is 26, Robin is 9, and Gwen has a baby boy named Tony. 3rd person POV)


Melody jumped out of bed, her curly brown hair a mess, her dark eyes wild with excitement. Christmas morning had always been an exciting event in her family. The one day of the year they all forgot they were millionaires, the one day of the year everyone was together. She smoothed the crinkles out of her silky green nightgown and sprinted down the stairs, almost falling on her face. She felt a faint pain where the bullet had struck her last year, but she ignored it.

Oceana was already downstairs, her curly hair already brushed into presentable form, her red silky nightgown barely wrinkled. Her dark eyes stared at her pile of presents in wonder. Her heart was about to burst with happiness as she turned on the stereo system and Christmas music began to play.

Robin was the next to wake up. His hazel eyes flew open and he rolled off the bed, his dark hair a poof. He landed with a thud. He sprinted out of his first-floor bedroom and to the large Christmas tree, immediately finding his pile and grinning. His heart filled with childlike joy at seeing his gifts.

Gwen was fourth. Her blue eyes opened slowly and she looked over to six-month-old Tony. He looked painfully like his father, with almond-shaped green eyes and red hair on his heart-shaped head. He slept with his pink lips in a tight line. His first Christmas. While last Christmas was full of mourning after the epidemic three months earlier, this one would be just as happy as all the previous ones.

Zayn and Erica woke up at the same time. They were recalling all the beautiful Christmases of the past. Erica sort of missed the hectic event of her entire family getting together on Christmas Eve, before she had a care, when she believed in Santa Claus. With this Christmas Day, the couple smiled at each other, feeling little seeds of belief rooting in their hearts.

"The elves will be wanting their Christmas gifts." Erica announced, without her fake British accent for one day in the year.

"I was wondering when you'd say that." Zayn sighed. They had been following Erica's family tradition of the entire troupe opening their presents together.

"Come on." Erica grinned, grabbing her husband's hand. "We might as well give them our announcement."

Zayn sucked in a deep breath. "I don't know how they'll take it." he grumbled, letting his wife drag him downstairs.

"Go ahead kids, but that little one in the corner? Open it last, together."

The three younger kids squealed and Gwen grinned. Wrapping paper flew everywhere. Poor Zayn struggled to keep up with his cleaning.

Baby Tony was still struggling with his first gift when his mother, aunts and uncle had finished. Gwen carefully picked up the final gift and carried it over. It was only the size of her fist.

All four kids took a fold of paper. "Ready? On four. One . . ." Gwen started.

"Two . . ." Melody continued.

"Three . . ." Oceana was third.

Finally, Robin finished. "FOUR!" he crowed, and together the three Maliks tore it open.

It was a little book. When Gwen opened it, she squealed. Erica grinned.

"When?" Melody gasped.

"April 17th." Erica grinned. "Malik Number 5 will be born on April 17th. We don't know the name, but we came up with a couple . . ."

"For a girl, Dawn Grace Amber Malik." Zayn smiled.

"For a boy, Flynn Gerald Malik." Erica beamed.

It was a good Christmas.

A good Christmas indeed.

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