Living with Niall ( Sequel )

It will make a lot more sense to read the first book. It is called ' Adopted by Niall'. So Niall bought a house. Katy is still happily living with them. Niall is dating. Niall, Katy,the boys and girls find out secrets they have never known. What will happen when everybody finds out different secrets? Will they stay together, or fall apart?


19. What happened?!

--Niall's P.O.V.--

I wake up and go downstairs and see Zayn and Perrie 'making' breakfast. I clear my throat. They look at me and we all laugh. "What are you doing?" I ask them. "Making breakfast." Zayn gestures. I look at what they are making. "Good thing Louis bought extra food." I say and throw away what was goo. Which was like one thing. We finish making breakfast and everybody is still sleeping. We three grab a pan and a spoon and head upstairs. We walk down the hall banging the pan and spoon. We hear groans and moans. "Shut up!!" Harry yells. We laugh.

Everybody is up except Katy and Jason. I go upstairs and check on them. I knock on the door. "Hello?" I call. Nothing. I go in and see them cuddled together. Jason has his arms wrapped around her stomach and she has her head resting on his chest. They are a good couple. I walk over to Katy and kiss her forehead. Before I leave I hear my name. "Niall?" It's weak and groggy. I turn around and see Katy looking at me. "Yeah?" I question. "Are you ok with this?" She asks a little worried. I sigh and smile. "I'm trusting you. Your a smart girl and I trust in what you think is right." I say. She smiles and asks me one more question. "Is breakfast ready?" I chuckle quietly. "Yes." She unwraps herself carefully and walks next to me. "Ready?" I ask. She nods and races me downstairs. We get downstairs and everybody laughs. 

We dig in and when we finish we play truth or dare. "Niall truth or dare?" Lauren asks me. Hmm.... "Dare." "Ok. You have carry Zayn around the block in your boxers." God. 

I get my clothes off and I'm left with my boxers. I get Zayn on my shoulders. He had to go in his boxers too. I start walking in the middle of the road and I eventually reach the end of the block. Some of Louis' neighbors sees us. One of them asks me "Louis?" I nod and keep walking. We finish and everybody ends there videos. Nobody will forget this. I look at Zayn and he is cursing under his breath. He's very red. 

We continue our game and Jason is awake by now. He joined us. "Truth or dare, Katy?" Harry asks. "Dare!" She says excitedly. He smiles evilly. I eye him and he sees. He stops. "Ok. Come here. This is two parts. First, you have to sit on my lap," She crawls over and sits on his lap. Oh god. He whispers something in her ear.......

--Katy's P.O.V.--

He whispers in my ear. "I love you, way more than Lauren. Your much better." Oh um. "What's the second part?" I ask/whisper while we continue. He smiles then stops. "You have to have sex with me using a condemn." He whispers. My mouth hangs open but he covers it up. "NEVER!!!!" I yell. Everybody looks at us. "What did you tell her?!" Niall says getting mad and standing up. Caitlin grabs his hand but doesn't stop. Harry stands up and grabs my hand. He rushes me upstairs and into his room and locks the door. He pushes me against the wall and starts to kiss my neck. I hear banging and yelling. "OPEN THE F*** UP HARRY!!!!!!!" I hear Jason yell. He stops and shoves me on the bed. He smirks. 

He pulls my pants down and pulls his down. He strips us and I feel really uncomfortable. Then he starts. But he didn't put a condemn on. It hurts so bad. I scream at the top if my lungs.The banging gets harder. He goes harder and faster and I scream louder. "Shut the f*** up." He says. "Enjoy this." He puts his hand over my mouth and I don't scream. I silently cry. I hear a big bang but I don't know what it is since he's kissing me now. He tries to enter in my mouth but it's not working. "GET THE F*** OFF HER!!!!!" I hear Niall yell. He doesn't stop but goes harder. I cry harder. I feel him get off of me and I close my eyes and just curl into a ball. Someone puts a blanket over me and puts a pile of clothes next to me. I open my eyes and see Perrie, Lauren, and Liam and Louis' girlfriends. I can never remember their names. Perrie is rubbing my back. She says something I don't quite catch and the three others leave. 

"You ok?" She asks quietly. I nod no. "Why don't you change into clothes." She turns around and I change in the bathroom. I look at my reflection. I have puffy red eyes. I look at my lips. Nothing changed, they just feel different. I feel different all together. I've had so much stress. Just god. I'm tired of crying. I need some pain. I rummage through the bathroom and find a razor. I cut my wrist. Ohhhhhhhhhh. That feels good. I do the other wrist. I put it in my pocket and rinse my wrists. "Katy?" I hear Perrie say. I open the door and she hugs me. 

We all were in the living room playing around and watching tv. It's raining. I put on my jacket and go outside. I put my hood up and walk into the rain. 

I walk to a bridge and look over the edge. The water is moving really fast. "Katy?" I look over but I can't see anything. "W-who's there?" I say. "It's me, Josh." No no no! "Please don't hurt me." I say backing up. I see him and he is walking closer. He has a sympathetic look in his eyes. "I won't, don't worry. But why are you here?" He asks. We stop walking. We are in the middle of the bridge. "I am just having some trouble and I thought about suicide......" He gasps a little. He pulls me into a hug. I pull away. "Don't kill yourself. Your new family loves you." He says. I nod. "Who's he?!" I hear Jason say. "Your friend." He answers. They high five and Jason hugs me from behind. "Nice one you've got." Josh says. "Yeah." I just look out over the bridge while they keep talking about stuff. It has stopped raining. I'm still thinking about suicide. I can't live like this. I get out of Jason's grasp and the keep talking. I step over the railing and I'm on the ledge. Jason and josh see me now and they are trying to coax me of getting off the ledge. "If you want me off the ledge, you got it. Goodbye." I say. "KATY!!!!" I hear and I see everybody (but Harry and Lauren) coming. Goodbye. I jump and I can feel myself slipping away.........

--Jason's P.O.V.--

Nooooo! I climb over the ledge and jump in after her. I find her and grab her. I pull her onto the bank. The boys and the girls come over. Zayn is calling an ambulance. Please wake up. The ambulance gets here and they take her on a stretcher. Josh pats my back. "Did you call her family?" "Yeah. Thought we might need help." "Thanks." I get into Niall's car with them and we go to the hospital.

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