Living with Niall ( Sequel )

It will make a lot more sense to read the first book. It is called ' Adopted by Niall'. So Niall bought a house. Katy is still happily living with them. Niall is dating. Niall, Katy,the boys and girls find out secrets they have never known. What will happen when everybody finds out different secrets? Will they stay together, or fall apart?


8. Trouble and sadness

I'm so worried about Niall. He won't talk,eat,sleep,drink or anything. "Niall C'mon. She broke up with you. That means she wasn't meant for you." I tell him. He nods. This gets him up and moving. I sigh with relief when I see him up. He finishes his shower and goes downstairs. I follow him watching incase he falls. He's so gloom. "Niall cheer up. She isn't your princess. Lets go see the boys today. Lets have a pool party at their house." I say excitedly. He just sighs and lays on the couch. I shake him."Niall c'mon cheer up please." I say. He just lays there and looks at the ceiling. I stand back and look at him. He doesn't look THAT heavy. I grab his ankles and drag him off the couch. He gets up and lays back on it. "AAHH!!" I yell quietly in frustration."Fine. Fine, we can do this." I say pulling my phone out. "All else fails, call the boys" I mumble to myself. K-Katy,l-Louis.

K- Hey Lou

L- hey kat what's up

K- Niall is sad. Come cheer him up please.

L- Why is he sad?

K- Amanda broke up with him

L- Oh. Ok ill be over in a couple of mins.         I hung up and called the others. Same convo for one. I walk over to Niall."Will you make me breakfast?" I ask. Maybe this will get him up.  He doesn't move. "Fine. Worth a shot" I say walking away. I go in the pantry and get a an oatmeal packet. I hear water up in the kettle.  I pour it into a bowl and mix. I take a bite. Yummy. I start to him while I eat. I turn the radio on. I look at Niall and turn the radio off. I clean up and walk over to him. Where are the boys?"Niall?" I ask. It's like he's dead. I hear a doorbell. I open it thinking I'm suppose to see the boys. But it's Adam. I gulp." Come and give me a hug babe" I do or I get hit. "Let's go" I hold my hand up."Give me a sec" he nods and leaves to his car. "Niall Adam is here help me please" I shake him and start to cry. I scream at him."NIALL!!!!!!!" Tears treat down my face. I hear a car pull up. Boys? I run to the window and look out side. I see them walk over to Adam. I hear them yell at him and it's pretty bad language. Adam walks over to the front door and enters. He pulls me with him into his car. I struggle and the just walk into the house. "You obey and this would've never happened" I start to cry and he slaps me. I look at the window I see Niall standing there looking at me. I look out Thea side window,scared.

i fall asleep and I'm in Adams bed. No no no. I get up, we'll about to. I'm naked. Adam enters and I curl into a ball. He chuckles. He walks over and gets undressed. The thing he does next is indescribable. He rapes me. Almost anyway. Zayn and Louis beat him up. I get clothes on and walk out with them. I shudder and shiver still scared. Louis rubs my back and Zayn drives. 

We walk in and I take a much needed shower. When I finish I de Niall still laying on the couch. The boys are trying to get him up.  I walkover to him and whisper in his ear: "I was almost raped" he shoots up and hugs me.  He strokes my hair. "Will you stay up and sulk anymore?" He nods. "Thank you" I whisper. The boys go into the kitchen. I get up. I told Niall to go get ready. "Can we have a pool party here?" I ask giving them puppy dog eyes. They all laugh and laugh. I giggle too. "Yeah sure" Zayn says. He calls perrie. "Zayn don't incase Niall freezes again" I say. He makes an 'oh' shape with his mouth. He says never mind and hangs up. I smile. I get changed into a bikini and run outside. The boys already changed an so see Niall smiling and laughing. I do a flip off the diving board. Fun. We all laugh.  We play and splash in the pool. It's only like 70 out. But it's a heated pool. We spend the rest of the day in the pool.

Im sitting in nialls lap and he is stroking my hair. "Thank you katy for cheering me up" he sas into my ear. I smile. "Niall, your my dad. I would always cheer you up if you were down." I say. He gives me a giant Horan hug.  I lean back on him am the boys and me are watching tv on the living room.  I think how much I have come so far in this family. Adam won't bother me. I have a loving boyfriend,Jason.  And the best part is, I finally have a loving family, who doesn't abuse me. I sigh happily. Niall hugs me and starts to stroke my hair. We continue to watch tv until we all fall asleep.

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