Living with Niall ( Sequel )

It will make a lot more sense to read the first book. It is called ' Adopted by Niall'. So Niall bought a house. Katy is still happily living with them. Niall is dating. Niall, Katy,the boys and girls find out secrets they have never known. What will happen when everybody finds out different secrets? Will they stay together, or fall apart?


20. I'm pregnant!

--Katy's P.O.V.--

I wake up, I think, and I see a bunch of graves. What? I see somebody and they walk closer. "I see you have woken." They say. It's a deep voice. I just stand, unsure of what to do. "Follow me." He takes his robe off and it's some angel. I follow him and I see everybody surrounding a grave. "What are they doing?" I ask the mysterious guy. "Just watch." Everybody leaves but one person. It's Jason. He kneels beside the grave and puts one flower at a time on it. He mumbles some words before he puts a flower on the grave. He gets up, blows a kiss, and leaves, devastated. "What was that?!" I ask him. "Read the grave." He says pointing to the tombstone. I look at it.


         Katy Horan

I look at the guy. "W-what?" I croak. "You died, but we are in the future. I can send you back to your body or I can send you up to Heaven. Your choice." I gulp. Never see the people I love again, or stay with them and be miserable. I sigh. "I'm going to go back to my body." I say. He smiles. "Good choice. Ok listen to me. Close your eyes, ball your fists, and I'll send you." I listen and I feel muscled being moved.

My eyes flutter open and I see a bunch of machines. I see Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Perrie, Caitlin all resting. I see Jason next to my bed, quietly sleeping. I smile. 'I love you all way too much to leave' I think to myself. Perrie wakes up and see me. She gasps and wakes Zayn up. Zayn shoots up and sees that I'm up. He shakes everybody awake and they all cry with tears of joy. Jason just sits there and he holds my hand. The doctor comes in and sees that I'm awake. "Miss Horan, when you fell, your broke your leg very badly. Apparently, it was the same leg that you broke before. We have to do surgery on it. We had to wait till you woke up or you could've died during the operation." He says. I nod and everybody goes quiet. "So we need you all to leave." He says and they all leave. Jason kisses me and slowly walks out. "We are going to give you some knock out gas to help with the pain." I stop him. "Why didn't you actually do it while I was out?" He sighs and sits on the moving chair. "Because, you are pregnant. If we did surgery then, your baby, or you possibly, could've died." He says sadly. I have a baby?! I nod no. "That can't be true." I say. "It's true. You have a baby. We didn't do abortion incase you wanted it." He says. Oh my. "Ok, let's fix that leg now." He gives me the gas and I'm out.

I move my leg around and it feels like nothing happened. "Mr. and Ms. Horan? May I pleae talk to you." The doctor ask my parents. (Caitlin and Niall got married) Jason is holding my hand. "What's that about?" I look at him. Uh oh. "I'll tell you later." I whisper to him. He nods. They come back in and sit down. "Sir, you have to leave." The doctor tells Jason. "No! I'm staying with my girlfriend!" He demands. "This is a family." The doctor states. "I said I'm staying!" He demands again. The doctor sighs. "You all fine with him staying in here." We all nod not saying anything. "Don't interrupt me ok." Jason nods. "Well Miss Horan you are pregnant. It's official. I'm going to let you talk to your parents about what you want to do." The doctor leaves and Jason sits there shocked. "You're pregnant?! How....?!" He says. "It was Harry he didn't use a condemn." I whisper. We all sit there for a while. "I'm getting abortion." I announce they all look at me. "You don't have to sweety, it's your choice. We will support you in every way we can." Caitlin says. I shake my head. "No I want abortion. That's final." I say. They leave the room and it's just me and Jason. "Too bad it wasn't me and later in life that got you pregnant." He says and sighs. I grip his hand. "Maybe. Maybe if there is a future for us." I say and he smiles. He kisses me. "Ok. You can stay if you wish sir, but it will get ugly." The doctor says. I mouth a 'stay' . He nods. "I'll stay." "Ok. Let's get this done." 

Right now, I'm cuddled in my bed with Jason at my side. "Sorry this all happens to you." He says. "It's ok. Because your always right by my side." He looks down at me and kisses me. We continue to watch tv but I fall asleep.

--Jason's P.O.V.--

I love her so much. I don't think I could live without her. I kiss the top of her head and snuggle closer. I turn the tv off and fall asleep next to her.

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