Living with Niall ( Sequel )

It will make a lot more sense to read the first book. It is called ' Adopted by Niall'. So Niall bought a house. Katy is still happily living with them. Niall is dating. Niall, Katy,the boys and girls find out secrets they have never known. What will happen when everybody finds out different secrets? Will they stay together, or fall apart?


12. Harry meets Lauren

A/N- ok I found a girlfriend for Harry. It's Mystery_Lover258. Srry if u didn't get picked. You can still try for Louis or Liam. Bye and here's a chater for y'all. ;)


Harry's P.O.V.

I decided to go to Starbucks. I ordered a coffee and say down. It's busy. Nobody seems to reconize me. I finish my coffee and get up, not watching for anybody. I bump into somebody and dthey spill their drink all over me. "Oh my!! I'm so so so so sorry!!" She says. "It's ok. It will wash out." I say laughing. I look up and I see a beautiful girl with brunette hair. She grabs some napkins and hands them to me. She has her hair in a bun and had light makeup on. She had a hoodie and jeans on. So cute. I wipe it out the best I can. "Are you sure it's ok ?" She asks. "Yeah it's fine" I say putting my coat on.  She stands there awkwardly. "Sooo...." She says. She checks her watch and she grabs her coffe from the table. "I have to go" she says looking past me. "No. Come home with me please? We can hang and get to know each other better." She sighs thinking what another guy would do at home with a girl. I won't. "I won't do that." I say. She sighs and nods.

We get to our flat and go up to my room. She sits in the spinning chair and I sit on the bed. We talk for a while and I learn a lot about her. It was fun. She had to go so I drove her home. She lives pretty far. She falls asleepin the car. I get to her house and she is still asleep. It's 12:00 at night. Her parents won't be happy. I pick her up bridal style and carry her up to the front door. I knock and her mom answers. "Yes how can I help you?" She asks mad. I lift ,I think Lauren. Yeah Lauren, up higher. She nods her head. She says it's the 2nd door in the second hallway. Wow, big house. I tuck her in and give her a kiss on the cheek. I go downstairs. "What is your name?" Her mom asks nicer. "Harry Styles" I reply. "I don't want her going on tour with you. If her grades lower because of you, you are in trouble mister." She Susa savings finger at me. "Yes ma'm I understand." I say and leave. Great. Her mom isn't find of me. I sigh and drive off. Well, I guess I have to be a better boyfriend.

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