Living with Niall ( Sequel )

It will make a lot more sense to read the first book. It is called ' Adopted by Niall'. So Niall bought a house. Katy is still happily living with them. Niall is dating. Niall, Katy,the boys and girls find out secrets they have never known. What will happen when everybody finds out different secrets? Will they stay together, or fall apart?


15. A/N

Hey guys. I hope you all are having a. Wonderful Christmas. I am. I got an IPhone 5c, a bunch of clothes, an Aeropostale bag, a lot of candy( which I'm eating some now ) and some hair products, and some other stuff.  Also, I'm stuck. So comment in the comment on what you got and I put that in here for what the characters got. Katy ( which is me :) will get what I got today. The others will get what you got. I know it's mostly boys but I can change it up a little. ;) so please comment. It ends tomorrow afternoon. I hope you comment and enjoy your Christmas, even if you aren't with family. - Niall's lover

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