One Direction One Shots (ON HOLD)

A collection of One Direction One Shots. Enjoy :)



2. Oneshot #2 - Liam

"Kylie I got you that gym membership for a reason" my friend Lilly said on the other end of the phone, making me sigh. 


"So are you saying I'm fat?" I asked in mock hurt making Lilly giggle. 


"Of course not! I want you to get out more Kylie, you have no social life and going to a gym will get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Plus there might be hot guys with abs working out there" Lilly reasoned with me. I sighed yet again, I can't believe Lilly was actually convincing me to go that smelly old gym with sweaty people all around. 


"Fine whatever I'm going right now. Bye Lily" I replied. She said her goodbyes before I hung up and went to change into some workout clothes. 


I grabbed my keys and swiftly drove to the gym wanting to get this stupid workout over with. I wanted to stay in shape but absolutely despised the gym considering I was a weakling girl with no muscles whatsoever. 


Once I arrived at the gym I headed over the the treadmill jogging for a good twenty minutes to try and warm up my body. I noticed that there weren't many other people at the gym right now. There was only a middle ages woman in the corner on the elliptical, a teenage boy by the weights and two woman doing lunges across the floor talking to each other loudly. I huffed and hopped off the treadmill, making my way to the weights by the teenage boy who was lifting like a freaking body builder. 


"Hello" he said as I passed. I waved at him not stopping to say hi and walking straight over the the ten pound hand weights. Hey don't judge me I  already told you I was a wimp and couldn't handle much more than ten pounds. I know I'm pathetic. 


I did a few reps but grew bored quite quickly. An intimidating bench press caught my eyes from the other end of the room and I felt a little risky. I wanted to push myself so I made my way over and positioned my body under the machine. 


After getting comfortable I attempted to life the heavy weight but failed miserably groaning loudly in the process. Shit why was I so weak? 


I tried again this time managing to bet myself stuck under the heavy thing in the process. I sighed in frustration and tried to wiggle out of the stupid thing but not succeeding. 


Suddenly I saw that same teenage boy came over trying not to laugh. I shot him a death glare.


"Need help there?" he asked grinning like a mad man.


"Nope, you can be on your way now" I said stubbornly making him chuckle deeply.


"I won't take no for an answer" he said and with ease lifted the heavy weight from under me. 


"Thanks" I mumbled crossing my arms around my torso. 


"Don't worry 'bout it. What's your name?" he asked. 


"Kylie. And yours?" 


"Liam" he said and I smiled. I had to admit he was extremely attractive and surprisingly very sweet. 


"Nice to meet you, and thanks again for that" I said gesturing to the bench press. 


"No problem." he said.  "Hey, I'll race you to the punching bags!" he yelled childishly making a run for it. 


"You're on!" I replied immediately following him at high speed laughing



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