One Direction One Shots (ON HOLD)

A collection of One Direction One Shots. Enjoy :)



1. Oneshot #1 - Louis

"You guys ready?" I called to my two friends Jill and Sammy who were currently sat in my living room whilst I was tapping my foot impatiently ready to go out the door. 


We all agreed to get out of my apartment for a while and decided to head to the plaza for a good shopping spree. A minute later both Jill and Sammy appeared ready to head out thankfully. We all piled into my ranger rover and listened to music along the way. Whilst in the car a familiar  song came on, making me, Jill and Sammy jump in excitement. 


"I've tried playing it cool..." the song began. Jill immediately called Liam and Harry's solos while Sammy called Zayn and Niall's, leaving me with Louis which was fine with me. Louis was my favorite member of the band. He reminded me of myself; energetic, random and overall immature. I admit it I had the maturity level of a five year old and I wasn't ashamed to say it. 


The song ended all too soon and we sat in the car giggling afterwards at ourselves and our horrid singing voices. 


"Can you imagine meeting one of them" Sammy sighed, me and Jill nodding.

"I can only imagine how hot they are in real life!" Jill added. 


"They're probably chill to hang with...except Louis. That boy probably drives everyone crazy" I said making Sammy laugh. 

We pulled into the nearly empty parking lot and ran into the first shop we saw which was Top Shop , one of my favorite shops ever. Jill split to go check out some jeans on the other side of the store whilst Sammy and I went to check out the dresses. Jill really didn't like the fru-fru girly dresses and skirts like Sammy and I which was perfectly fine. 


"Look at this one" Sammy said holding up a strapless purple dress that ended mid thighs. I gawked at it in awe, it was beautiful and I didn't hesitate to put it in my basket. 


Tons of clothes later we moved on to Target because Sammy was complaining that Top Shop didn't sell candy. We all three went straight to the candy isle and picked out a box for each of us before exploring the store for anything that caught our eyes. 


Sammy, Jill and I stopped to look around, my eyes landing on some pool noodles propped in a cardboard box next to the other pool and swimming products. My head filled with a devious plan as I reached for a pink noodle. I figured Sammy and Jill were still right behind me and pulled the noodle out, swinging it in back of me. I heard a smack, indicating I hit my target as I laughed hysterically. 

"Hey!"a male voice sounding surprising me. I turned around quickly to see the Louis Tomlinson from One Direction rubbing his head dramatically. I must've hit him in the head with he noodle instead of Sammy or Jill. 

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!" I frantically said mumbling more apologies over and over again. Louis went over to the noodles and picked up a yellow one, not hesitating to hit me in the head with it. I stood there with my jaw dropped to the floor in awe. 


"Hey!" I yelled at him. 


"You started it!" he said sticking his tongue out at me. I giggled at his attitude knowing this was typical Louis for you. 


"I can't believe you're...and I hit you...and just....oh my god" I stuttered making Louis chuckle. 


"Yeah, you a fan?" he asked curiously. I furiously nodded. 


"Mhhm of course. Listen I didn't mean to hit you, it was meant for my two friends who seemed to disappear" I explained, Louis nodding. 


"Well thanks for that anyways" he chuckled. "You busy?" 


"Not really, my friends most likely ditched me and went to the McDonald's across the street. why?" I asked, my stomach filling with butterflies at the sight of Louis in front of me. It was true, he was much more handsome in person. 


"Well the lads are back home and I was wondering' in you wanted to catch a quick cuppa coffee maybe?" he asked, a pang of nervousness evident in his voice. I squealed internally at his words. Louis Tomlinson wanted to grab coffee with me. 

"That sounds great" I said linking arms with Louis as we exited the Target laughing at each other. 





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