My Guardian Angel

A girl called Jasmine was constantly pushed around, tripped over, and had things thrown at her. But one day a gang of older boys from her school took it too far. They beat her until she was black and blue just for fun. But then their was a fleck of white fur that stepped in their way, before the biggest boy put in his final punh. Her Guardian Angel...


1. A Hard Life

Jasmine was a mistreated child. She was bullied every day at school. Each time she walked down the corridor she would have remarks shouted out at her, and everyone lined up against the wall would put there feet out to try and trip her up. In class she would have paper balls, paper planes, pens, and otjer stuff throen at her head constantly. She would get laughed at for one simple mistake, and people would talk all through her presentations. She even got beat up by groups of people as well, just so they could get a thrill out of it. The main problem was that the teachers did nothing about it because they had no control over their students. Most of the time Jasmine just sat back and took whatever came her way as she was so used to it, but it is hard to ignore the sudden pain as someone randomly attacks your shins with their hard trainers. Jadmine had no friend in the world to help her, even her parents were powerless against the schools authority. She was all alone, fighting a loosing battle thst she called life.

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