Rodeo Girl!

Charlie is a world known rodeo girl. She is a fan of One direction what happens if they come to her town and does a small concert at one of her biggest rodeos? Will she meet them? Will they get along? Will there be a romance?


2. New Horse

Charlie POV:

"CHARLIE WAKE UP!!" Elena and Sam yelled waking me up from my peaceful slumber. Sam and Elena are my best friends. We are all 17 years old, they've been there through everything. "Mmm what!?!?" I moaned. "Charlie get ready. We're getting your new horse for the championship rodeo remember?" Sam questioned. How could I forget? I race to my feet pushing Sam and Elena out of my room to have a shower and get changed. I run to my en-suite bathroom and strip naked turning the water on to the right temperature. After washing my hair and body I put some jeans and a short sleeved shirt. I quickly got my boots on and ran down stairs. 

"Morning dad" I pecked my dads cheek and grabbing a plate of bacon and eggs, my favorite. I sit next to Sam giving him a peck on the cheek. Me and Sam have something going on, but we don't want to ruin our friendship so we just keep it as friends. "Are you ready to get your new horse?" dad asks. He doesn't want me to get a new horse because he wants me to get out of doing rodeos. You see my mum passed away a month ago from a rodeo accident. I want to keep doing rodeos, it makes me feel closer to her. "Of course I am!" I almost yelled at him in excitement. After breaky we all got into the car and off we go to the Gracemere Sale Yards. Which is where the rodeos are held as well. It was only a short drive there, about 10 minute drive. 

When we arrive I jump straight out of the car and run into the arena. Not to long after the others arrive. I see so many beautiful horses, mares, geldings, stallions, fillies and colts. I have got 5 horses at home already. My dad  is starting up a small trail riding company. Which is to get some extra money. Even though we didn't really need it. We all signed in, my dad got a bidding number and sat in the middle of the grand stands. We sat there for about 20 minutes with felt like hours to me.

They finally started bringing out some horses, I sat there checking out the horses. My dad says you'll know the one when you see it. About 5 horses in came a beautiful bay with white socks and a blaze on his face. I looked at dad and he knew I wanted him. Dad started bidding and got up to $2000.00 and and we won him. "OMG thank you daddy!" I said while hugging him. "Well, since he was cheaper then I thought we'll get him for. We can get 1 more horse if you'd like?" my dad replied. My eyes widened, I didn't think he'll ever say that! So we waited longer and longer until I saw another beautiful horse. He was almost pure black with 3 white sock. I gave the same look to dad. He again, started to bid. This time it got up to $5000.00 but we also won him. 

We all walk, well I was almost running to the paying booth. We paid the money and one of the ladies walked us to my horses. They were even more beautiful up close, the bay was called Astro Boy, and the black was called Dark Knight. They names suited them so well, I firstly walked up to Astro Boy, I gave him a pat and gave him a check over, feeling his muscles, checked his hooves etc. I did the same with Dark Knight. After making sure they were healthy and happy we walked them to our trailer. We had absolutely no problem floating them. 

We drove home unloaded the horses and put them in the stables to settle in. I did my normal chores, feeding and watering the now 7 horses, grooming them all, mucking the stables. I was exhausted from today, I wasn't even hungry which was not normal for me. So I went straight upstairs and have a shower put my pjs on and went to sleep. 



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