The "V" Games

Every year the seniors of Burington Highschool pick one freshman to be in their annual "V" Game.
But, this year everyone predicts it will be between five boys.
Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis.
This year they happen to pick the most innocent freshman.
Will she give in to their little "game" or will she put up a fight?
Find out in The "V" Games.
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3. The results

Abby's POV
 My phone sings. I'm currently in my bathroom blow drying the rat's nest on top of my head.
"Abby! Hurry up! Some of us have to be somewhere!" Eric yells from downstairs.
"Well some of us want to look decent when we go places!" I yell back.
 I finish drying my hair and I put on my clothes. I go to my mirror and I smooth the purple shirt and denim shorts I'm wearing and I grab my backpack. I slip on black TOMS® and I head downstairs.
"C'mon slow poke. Mom's waiting outside in the car." Eric says as he walks out the door.
 I grab a Snapple® from the kitchen, get my phone from the counter top, and I get in the car.
 We pull up at the school and I get out. I texted Dani on the way here and she told me to meet her and the others in the courtyard.
 Ashley also texted me that a girl was getting picked today for the v games today. I don't think I have any chance of getting picked after what happened with Zayn and I yesterday.
 I make my way to the courtyard and I see Perrie's blonde hair. I finally get over there and I hear everyone laughing.
"Hey guys!" I greet them smiling.
OH MY GOSH! ABBY HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE CAFETERIA YET?" Perrie asks, her crystal blue eyes full of excitement. I shake my head and she continues.
"What?" I ask shocked.
"You got picked."
 I rush towards the school building and head for the cafeteria to find the five boys that picked me.
 I reach my destination and I see Harry sitting at a table with a blonde girl sitting on his lap. Why couldn't they pick a girl like her. I'm just a "plain Jane".
"Hey can I speak with you for a moment?" I ask when I get to the table.
 He looks up with that signature smirk playing on his lips and nods his head.
 The blonde looks at me before giving Harry a peck on the lips and then moves aside, while he follows me into the hallway.
"Why did you and your friends pick me?" I ask.
 He licks his plump lips and answers.
"You aren't like most of the girls here. You didn't throw yourself at us and you put seem like a challenge." I gulp nervously.
 He closes the space between us.
"You're so innocent." he whispers.
 I shiver feeling his cool breath upon my neck.
"You would let me do anything to you and that's why I'm attracted to you. Oh, Abigail, the things I want to do to your untouched skin makes me want you so much more. If you let me have you I promise to take care of you."
 I start inching away from him. His green eyes peircing into my brown ones. His intoxicating scent making me mesmerized. I finally pull away from him and walk back into the cafeteria. I look back only once to find him with a smirk present on his lips, looking towards me.
 I hurry back to the courtyard to find the other girls.
"PERRIE!? DANI!? EL!? WHERE ARE YOU?" I yell all across the courtyard. I see El motioning for me to come to them.
"What's wrong Abby? You sound like a madman." Perrie aka.
"I need to tell you something." I tell her. She notices my tone and nods.
 I explain to them what happened in the hallway. Once I'm finished they all have shocked looks on their faces.
"I had no idea Harry would treat you like that." Dani says and the rest nod.
"Guys." I say making eye contact with all of them.
"I'm scared."

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