The "V" Games

Every year the seniors of Burington Highschool pick one freshman to be in their annual "V" Game.
But, this year everyone predicts it will be between five boys.
Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis.
This year they happen to pick the most innocent freshman.
Will she give in to their little "game" or will she put up a fight?
Find out in The "V" Games.
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1. HighSchool

~~*Abby's POV*
 I slowly rise up, turning my alarm clock off, and I get out of my bed. Today I start my first year of high school.
 Cue the sarcasm.
 I'm happy to go to high school, but there's one thing that I'm scared of.
 The "V" Game.
 I know you're probably thinking, what's so bad about a little game? Every year the senior class picks a freshman girl, and they try to get in her pants before the end of the year.
 I know sick right?
 Well, I don't know about you but, I know I don't want to be that girl.
(A/N I absolutely love this song, it's Made in the U.S.A. by Demi Lovato. I could go on about her forever, she's my idol! LOOK UP THE SONG! Well back to the story now:) )
 My phone blares.
 I answer and it's my best friend Ashley.
"Hey what's up", I say cheerfully into the phone.
"Nothing. Just wanted to see if you were ready for our FIRST DAY OF HIGHSCHOOL!?!?!?” she yells.
"Yea, but I'm not even ready yet....” I reply sheepishly.
"OH MY GOSH ABBY! GET READY; I'LL BE THERE IN 20! BYEEEEEE!", and with that she hangs up.
 I laugh at her excitement, and I go to my closet.
"What to wear? What to wear?” I mumble to myself.
 I look through everything and I finally see the perfect outfit. I get out black skinny jeans, an Aztec vest top, and pair of tan sandals.
 I lay it out on my bed, I grab my phone and I pop it on my iHome, and I head to the bathroom.
 I peel my clothes off, and I turn the hot water on as hot as I can stand it, and I start to scrub.
 Once I'm finish I wash my curly brown hair. I wrap myself in a towel and I go in my room.
 I check the time and it's 7:30.
 I put my clothes on and I rush downstairs to find my mom and little brother, Eric, eating breakfast.
"Hey sweetie, I made your favorite.” my mom says as she kisses my cheek. She hands me a plate of waffles, I start to dig in until I'm interrupted by a text from Ashley.
From: Ashy-poo:)
I'm coming around the corner. See ya soooooon!
 I run upstairs to get my pink Jan Sport backpack, and I hear her mom’s car horn honk. I give my mom a hug and kiss, I ruffle Eric's hair, and I run out the door laughing at his complaints about me touching his hair.
 I open the car door and I get in.
"Hey Ashley, hey Mrs. Peterson.", I say greeting them.
"OMG! ABS! Who do you think they will pick for their little game" Ashley asks excitedly.
 Wait, how can she be excited at a time like this.
 Believe it, or not.
 I'm terrified.
 She looks at me with an expecting look and I answer,"I don't want to get involved with them and their little game, I think it's stupid, and another way to get in someone’s pants. They'll probably pick one of those dumb, whorish, blondes like Charlotte and her clique.” I tell her confidently, even though I'm scared out of my mind about the whole idea.
 Ashley turns around in her seat, unsatisfied by my frank answer.
 It's almost like she wants to get picked.
 I put my headphones in and I let my thoughts take over for the rest of the 10 minute car ride.
 We finally pull into the parking lot and I see lots of familiar faces, some new but, mostly the same kids.
"Wow. A lot can happen in three months....” I think out loud.
"Bye you guys have a great day, love you.” Ashley's mom yells as we get out the car.
 We walk to the main office to sign in, and we go to our lockers. Conveniently, Ashley's locker is three down from mine. I take out the necessities, and I hang my book bag up, and head over to Ashley's locker.
"So whose class do you have first?” I ask making conversation.
"I have World History first, what about you?"
 I was about to answer until I saw them.
 Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry, and Liam.
 It's like the whole hallway froze and stared at them.
Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry.
 They were so.....beautiful.
 I mean I've seen them before but, not up close. All of them are absolutely perfect. I understand why people thought they would be the biggest threat.
 I stood there watching them gracefully walk down the hallway, taking in every moment of this wonderful sight.
 And like that they were gone.
"OMG! Did you see them Abby? They're so perrrrrfect!” Ashley says shaking me but, I stood there speechless,still taken back by their beauty.
 She took this moment to keep rambling on and on.
"-and did you see Harry, I swear that boy is perfect. I seriously hope I get picked.” she says.
"WHAT!?!?!?” I say shocked, snapping out of my trance.
 I mean I know I complimented them and all that stuff but, that still doesn't change what I said about them being sickos and pigs.
"You can't blame me. What girl wouldn't want their undivided attention on them at all times? Think about it Abby, you're gonna lose your "V" Card someday so why not now?” she says shutting her locker, leaving me there speechless.
"What in the hell just happened?” I say to myself, still shocked.
 I slam my locker shut, and I slowly walk to Bio.
 Maybe she'll come to her senses by lunch time.
 I get in class and I pick a seat in the back of the classroom, if you haven't noticed I'm not one of the "popular" kids. I'm one of those kids who doesn't like socializing.
 A girl with bright orange hair and blue eyes walks in and sits in the seat beside me.
"Hey I'm Natalie.” she says holding out her hand.
"Abigail but, my friends call me Abby.” I say taking her hand.
 I've never seen her before but, she easily put my brown curly locks and light brown eyes to shame.
 Mrs. Shaw, our teacher, comes in and we all settle down.
 I can tell this is going to be a long day.
Hello pretty people, I hope you like this fanfic. I think I'm actually going to finish this story.
I'll probably put all of my Author's Note's at the bottom of the chapters from now on and you don't have to read them but, I'd appreciate it if you did c:

Tell me what you think!:)
Bye my Little Angels:) (Abby's outfit is at the top!:) )





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