Only Once.

One night. That's all it was. She never thought anything of it. He never thought anything of it. They just met up one night in a bar. She didn't realise what she had gotten herself into.. He didn't realise how badly he could have hurt her. She wasn't told who he was. He never told her. She was scared. He was scared. She had never had so many people turn against her all at the same time. He had never hurt anyone like that before. She had never been serious about relationships before. He had never met a girl like her before. She didn't know if she was ready... But he did.


5. Zayn.


Crap. I was utterly lost. I knew I was in London.. But that was about it. I remembered that Katie and me had a hotel room booked for the weekend.. But I had no clue where the hell it was. So, I was just standing in the middle of a random, London street, looking like a complete idiot. I could see a nice looking park a few miles down, so I followed the smell of red roses and went to sit in the park. I carefully slipped down onto a bench and listened as the sound of the water feature filled the air. This was a good place to clear my head, or at least, try and get it around what had happened to me. Let's see... Liam Payne, the biggest celebrity crush I had, picked me up in a bar and I can't even remember what we did.. But I was soo drunk, I didn't realise it was Liam Payne, but he never bothered to tell me. Maybe he just assumed I didnt know who he was. BUT LIKE YOU ARENT GOING TO KNOW WHO HE IS! I huffed and rested my eyes. They deserved it! Suddenly, I could hear people screaming my name. I opened my eyes to see a crowd of deadly looking Fangirls. They must be Directioners. "THERE SHE IS!" One of the bellowed. They started to pull at me and scream horrible things that I would not like to repeat. From what they were saying, they obviously thought I had slept with liam.. Great. If only you could just talk to people these days! Just then, a deeper voice called my name and I looked around quickly too see who the voice belonged to. And I saw Zayn standing at the entrance to the park. The girls also spotted him and rushed over. I followed and pushed my way through to him. He grabbed my writs and pulled me into a car. As the car started to move, I saw Harry was in the drivers seat. "Are you alright," Zayn asked, rubbing my shoulder. I nodded stiffly. God.. Fangirls are scary.


Hey guys! Sorry this was a short one! I just didn't have much to say.. But the others will e longer!! Promise! Xxx

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