What Happed To Us

What happens when I remind him about us, about our friendship. Will he still remember? Or will he pretend it never happened?

*i will not be continuing this story, I do not know what I was thinking when I wrote this, 2015 me is very embarrassed


6. Chapter 6

School was almost over and Niall was sitting on the chair in the nurses office staring at me with vicious eyes

"Why are you staring at me?"

"Well I have to fucking bring you home, taking out my time to spend with my girlfriend after school!"

"Well if your girlfriend didn't pour that fucking hot water on me then you wouldn't have be taking me home!"

I couldn't believe all he cared about was being with his girlfriend and not caring about how his girlfriend poured the hot water on me, like seriously can I like sock him in the face or something

When the bell rang to go home Niall cared me bridal style all the ways to his car trying not to make any of his friends notice him

Once we got to his car he opened the door and just throw me in like I was nothing

"God damn your fucking heavy!"

"Well sorry that I'm not as skinny as other people"

"I'm going to call my girlfriend since she's riding with us"

Why, he really just has to bring his girlfriend everywhere, so him and her can torture me more

"She's on here way, don't be a bitch when she gets here"

"Well I won't be a bitch if she doesn't be a bitch" I whispered loud enough for him to here

"I'm fucking serious!" As he slapped my face forming a red mark that stinged like heck

As he saw his girlfriend he opened the passenger door for her and they both got in the car and started to have a make out session and like not noticing my presence

I cleared my throat loud enough so they can her then they stopped

"Ew what the fuck is this slut bag doing here"

"Oh way I have to give her a fucking ride home"

"Well once you drop this whore off make sure you disinfect the seats"

I just sat there, just wanting to get the hell out of his car but I couldn't

Once he got to my house, I saw him just looking at it for a long time, then I just said

"Are you going to help me out or am I just going to have to crawl all the way to the door?"

He shook his head and answered "umm no I'll carry you"

He opened my door and said "wow still looks the same"

"Well I my mom ain't got any money to buy a new house"

As he carried my bridal style to the door I told him it was already opened and to be quiet cause my mom was passed out, he then made it to my room without asking me wear it was and through me on the bed and said bye

~ Hi guys, sorry I haven't been updating it's just I have to be focused on school but good thing I have a week off and a day for presidents week yay!!! Well to make up for how long I haven't wrote any chapters I wrote 2 chapter for you guys hope you enjoy :)~ Niallersprincess07

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