What Happed To Us

What happens when I remind him about us, about our friendship. Will he still remember? Or will he pretend it never happened?

*i will not be continuing this story, I do not know what I was thinking when I wrote this, 2015 me is very embarrassed


2. Chapter 2

Once I got to school, I was hoping that Niall and his friends wouldn't be at the gate, but surprisingly enough they were their getting ready to do there daily beating routine. I tried to ignore them, even though I knew it would make things worse and they would beat me harder then it already was, I heard Niall say " Hey slut, come over here!" I tried ignoring him, just by looking at the ground, but then he came up to me and pushed me up against the wall saying " don't you dare ignore me like that again, because you already know what's going to happen now since you did that" multiple punches and kicks to the stomach, and once I thought he was finished he slapped me as hard as he could to the face and said " don't ever do that again" as I was lying on the cold hard ground i heard the bell ring to go to class but I didn't want to get up, I started crying not just because I was in pain, even though I couldn't feel anything cause I was numb from the beating, but because of Niall my used to be bestfriend was hurting me inside and out . I cried and said " what happened, what happened to us" once I was done crying I got up and started limping to my first class which was math, i didn't want to go to class cause Niall and the boys had the same class as me and also to sum it up they actually all had most of my classes math, science, history, PE, and my favorite class music. Once I got to the door for math, I knew I was super late but I didn't care. I opened the door and tried to sneak into my seat in the back but the teacher noticed me when everyone shouted out " ooooo Camryn's late" she then turned around from the whiteboard which she was writing on and said " Mrs. Catley why are you late to class" I had to lie to the teacher cause I could feel Niall was staring at me and he would probably beat me up again if I told the truth, so I signed and said " I woke up late and I had to walk to school, I'm sorry I'll make sure it won't happen again" she let me go and I went to take my seat, on my ways to my seat people were trying to trip me even though I could see there foot right in front of me, but I was so stupid that i didn't see Niall's foot and I tripped, in my head I said to my self 'haven't I had enough already' but I knew it wasn't over. After class was over I waited for everyone to walk out so I wasn't pushed on the way to the door, once everyone left I made my way outside to history, history actually went by really fast and I didn't really have to worry about the boys as much, except them calling me names the whole time. Once, that was over I went to my next class which was PE, oh how I hated going to the locker room changing into my PE clothes, because they would see my bruises and cuts but I had to, once I went into the locker to get changed everyone started calling me names and some even pushing, but I didn't mind I was used to it, when I got changed I heard a lot of people whispering saying " her bodies so fat" "she looks nasty" when I was done dressing out, I ran out to the gym so I wouldn't here any of them.

When I was in the gym I was the first one there, good, at least I could have a break from what's happened today so far.

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