What Happed To Us

What happens when I remind him about us, about our friendship. Will he still remember? Or will he pretend it never happened?

*i will not be continuing this story, I do not know what I was thinking when I wrote this, 2015 me is very embarrassed


1. Chapter 1

Hi my names Camryn.... Camryn Catley. My life is horrible, my parents are divorced, and I was forced to live with my mom who is an achohalic, who never really noticed me or knew who I was, my families poor and I barely have any clothes and so I have to play my guitar outside in the plaza and try to earn money, I have no friends, and to sum it up I'm bullied at school by my ex- best friend Niall Horan.

He always used to be their for me, but ever since we went to highschool everything changed, when he joined the football team, he became one of the so called 'popular' kids with his other friends Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn. Also Niall started dating my worst enemy Jessica Smith, I hated her so much and Niall knew I did, but I guess he didn't care.

I remember when we used to be so close, there was that one day when we went to this park near our house we used to go to all the time, we made a promise that we would never hurt eachother and we would be there for eachother when times were rough, and so to make it official we pinky promised and carved our names into a tree and took a picture to always remind ourselves about that day. I still have that picture, but I'm not sure Niall still does, he probably threw it away or something.


I realized it was morning already when I saw the sun coming up, so I looked at my alarm that barely works and it said 7:00 am, school started in an hour so I got up went to the bathroom and looked at my self in the mirror, " what an ugly mess" i said, looking at my brushing and cuts on myself, realizing it would take along time to heal, or would stay there forever. After I was done looking at myself in the mirror I went to get ready for another horrible day at school. I looked to see what clothes I should where, and I wasn't hard to choose since I only have 3 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans, and my ripped up converse that I got along time ago. Once I put on what i was going to where I grabbed my backpack, headed out the door and walked to school.

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