Big mistake

HELLO MY NAME IS MACY CHERREZ I USED TO GET BULLY BECAUSE OF MY NAME BUT AFTER THAT ONE NOGHT EVERYTHINH CHANGEto read the story it will be coming soon I wanna know if your intrested


6. what

Ally:what. Macy:Ikr. Ally:so are you going to tell the police Macy:no. Ally:why not. Macy:because he didn't recognize me ally:oh yea. Macy:well I got to go bye. Ally:ok bye see you soon. As soon as I put my iPhone down I went to go get a snack i went down stairs and opened the cabnet and got a cookie and sat on the couch and turned the tv on the news and this is what I heard to get my jaw drop down to the ground News reporter:well Ashley give us the news about the mister guy Ashley:well thank you jerry here we got the mestery guy that now is dead well sorry what happend but we just figured out that the police told us that they been hunted him down for years

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