Big mistake

HELLO MY NAME IS MACY CHERREZ I USED TO GET BULLY BECAUSE OF MY NAME BUT AFTER THAT ONE NOGHT EVERYTHINH CHANGEto read the story it will be coming soon I wanna know if your intrested


1. about me

So right now your wondering what was the big mistake well how about first I tell you about me my name is Macy CHERREZ I have brown dark hair like on the cover well that's me but I'm thinking about blonde highlights on the tips or like half of my hair and the top half light brown anyway I'm half British from my father and american from my mother anyway let's get to the story of what was the big mistake

Ok i was in a hurry but I figured a guy kept looking at me then when i got up I started running he was chasing me I figured why he wood he looked like that guy I saw killing a girl with a knife that one night so I ran to a restraunt I lost him and I waited to see if he was gone when it was clear I runned back home I told mom the story and she kept crying I did too

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