The Assignment

Avery Carter was getting to over head when she accepts a job as a band manager. Will she fall in love with them or hate them with a passion?


1. The Assignment

Avery's POV

Today was the big day!!! I finally got to meet the band I would be managing for the next 4 years. I'm ecstatic!!! I was in the green room waiting for the band and my boss, Sabrina, to assign them to me. I am 20 years old. I have jet black hair and I guess you would call me "Emo". I do have 2g Gauge. And tattoos but would you really call me emo???

Whatever. Anyways my boss walks in with the band. "Avery this is you're band you're going to be managing, Black Veil-" I immediately cut her off "Brides. I know. I thought I was gonna be managing a one direction kinda band. Guess I hit big!" I say walking over to the guys to greet them. "Hi I'm CC. This is Ashely, Jinxx, Jake, and Andy! What are you doing? We're inside." "Well I didn't want to be ride and go outside right in the middle of this" He put the cigarette out. I tried not to laugh. "Hi I'm Avery Carter. I'm going to obviously manage you guys." I said trying so hard not to cry because BVB is my FFAAVV band!!! "Do you want to go to Denny's to discuss some things with us?" Jake said with a flirty smile. I knew they were a little to old for me but Andy was only 2 years older. But he has a girlfriend.

We went to Denny's and discussed when they wanted a tour and what was expected of me and them and all that good stuff. Afterwards I went home and started planning some tour dates. I called my clients and told them I could get them a tour in about half a year. They were stoked!!! I was happy too. I are my leftovers from Denny's and got ready for bed.

That night. I had the strangest dream. About how Ashely was hitting on me and Jake got jealous and a fight broke out. CC, Andy, And I broke them up. Then one night after a show they went to party. I went back to the tour bus and smelt it. IT STUNK!!!! I started to clean. Then I woke up.

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