Stay with me


1. who are you?

"Haley's POV"

Heey, I'm haley, I'm 17, I have lived in new york my whole life, but I'm going to California for summer break so for a month. Today day is the day I'm leaving to go to California! But one thing, i have a huge fear of flying in planes.

"Everyone heading to California the plane is here" said the lady on the intercom. Here goes nothing. When i got on the plane it was packed, except one seat, I went to go sit but as soon as i was somebody took it... Great i was about to go see the caption until I heard a irish voice say " you can sit with me"

I sat beside the very attractive blonde. "So whats your name"? He asked "Haley,Haley collins what about you"? "Niall Niall horan". "What a nice name " i said . "So is yours" he said smiling showing off his white teeth! "So where are you heading?" He asked "California I'm staying in a condo with my friend and two other boys i have no clue who they are yet"

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