Baby Horan (a Niall Horan fan fic)


11. chapter 8

"Brea i have to tell you something"says Niall. "What is it Ni?"i ask looking at him with Ireland in my arms. "Well when you weren't with me and you were hanging out with friends i cheated on you"he looks in my eyes. Tears come in my eyes "w-why would you do this to me niall?!"i yell. Harry rushes in and he looks at me "what did you do to my sister?!"harry yells and pins him to the wall. I cry harder as Zayn comes in and carrys me and the twins to his car. "Zayn help me please"i cry harder. Zayn hugs me and pulls me in his lap. I put my head on his neck and i cry on his neck. "Zayn take me and them away to where nobody will find us please"i say between my sobs. "Ok love"he kisses my forehead and starts driving. I fall asleep in his lap.

~an hour later~

I wake up still in zayns lap and i look at him in his eyes since we were stopped. "Zayn do me a favor please"i mumble. "What love?"he says. "Kiss me please"i say sitting up so you could. He kisses me passionately and i kiss back. I pull away "when will we be there?"i ask biting my lip. "In an hour"he smiles at me and i smile back.

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