Baby Horan (a Niall Horan fan fic)


9. chapter 7

"Niall what are we going to name our baby boy and girl?" I ask looking at him and our princess. "Ireland Nicole for our princess tans London Prince for our prince!" I smile"i love those names and you" "i love you too baby!" I looked down at London as he opened his eyes. The first time you make eye contact with your baby you make a special bond with them, i believe that now. Niall noticed this and smiled. I looked at him and scooted over so he could get beside me. He got in with me and kissed me. I kissed back smiling. I look at our two beautiful kids and smile. I love these two kids and Niall more than life itself. "When do we get to go home?" "Later today" "ok" Ireland opend her eyes and Niall and Ireland had the same bond that i had with London.

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